Gold Coast Engagement Shoot locations

Gold Coast Engagement Shoot locations

You’ve got the ring and chosen your date. Your venue is secured and your Photographer is booked, now the countdown to your modelling debut begins; and what better way to learn that this type of ‘modelling’ is in fact not that at all, well engage your photographer of course! And by that I don’t mean propose, but get a coffee, putting those nerves at ease with a chat and get in front of the lens with some engagement photoshoot fun! You will be so surprised at how incredibly amazing you two look when you’re relaxed, comfortable and hanging out with your best friend while someone takes a few shots, cause basically that happens. 

  • Create a little contrast

The best part about any Gold Coast engagement shoot is that your options are literally limitless. You can literally e in the mountains or beach side within 20 mins so the choice is really up to you. Just a little food for thought, why not mix it up and go the opposite to what you have planned for your wedding day in the Gold Coast. Hinterland wedding, head to the sandy shores. Beachside ceremony, run for the hills!

  • You and me, by the sea

Breathe in the fresh air and feel the sand between your toes. Is the sea somewhere your destined to be? A golden sunrise or a candied coloured sunset, this alone is a setting for romance, add in you two lovers and BAM, an engagement shoot dream in a place you feel free to roam. 

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  • Head for the hills

Take a walk on the wild-side and let the beauty of nature’s finest be your backdrop for love. While the Gold coast in famous for its stretch of beaches, the hinterland is becoming more and more appealing for couples to explore for their engagement shoot. Tall trees and textures galore, it’s the perfect place to create a million more memories. 

  • Back to where is all began 

Reignite all those loved up feels and relish in the nostalgic notions as you wander through the place it all began. Where is that special place that makes your heart feel giddy when you think of it, the place that makes the tiny little hairs on your arms prick up when you remember how you felt the last time you were there together? Yep, that’s the place. 

  • Home is where the heart is.

Sometimes there is no better place than in a space you feel most comfortable. That comfy lounge, your adorable puppy and hey, if it’s just Finny the fish, that’s cool too!  While it is nice to get out and about, the stories within these walls will be tales you’ll tell for a lifetime, why not have the pictures within your most cherished surrounding to go with it?