What wedding vendors do I need for my wedding day?

What wedding vendors do I need for my wedding day?


We all know (and love) that brides have spent days, months, even years, dreaming about the magic of their perfect wedding day. But do you know how to choose the right wedding vendors and who you actually need for your wedding day?

Many of the smaller details leading up to your wedding can cause more sleepless nights than a newborn baby. Truth be told, you need to stop worrying about the height of your three-tiered candelabra (unless it’s a fire hazard!) and start focusing on nailing the vendors that will have the most impact on your day. 

The Place 

B & J WED-8.jpg

First things first - find a venue that fulfils your wedding dreams and has you weak at the knees. Ask all the questions you can think of then ask some more. It is important to know exactly what you can and can’t do within the grounds so you can avoid any disappointment down the track. 

This venue will house the beginning of your forever; a million memories for you and your husband and an unforgettable night for your family and friends. Lock in a venue that represents you as a couple and you’ll soon find the relaxed vibes and #weddinggoals will all come flooding naturally. 

Hint: Why not chat to the owners about the history of the venue and get to know it a little more personally – who knows what tales could be uncovered!

 The Face Painter and The Hair-doer  

S & A WED-115.jpg

Easily one of, if not THE most, underrated wedding vendors in the industry. How you look and feel on your wedding day is SO important. You want to look back forever remember and reliving how beautiful you felt inside and out!
Find artists that have similar style to what you desire. Have a trial to make sure that you’re not only beaming with that bridal glow on the outside, but their company puts you in a happy-dance kind of mood – you do have to spend the whole morning with them, so you better make sure you like them first!! 

Hint: Do your trial before your Hen’s Party or Kitchen Tea so you can see the longevity of the hair and makeup.

That Film Guy/Gal 

Often referred to as ‘ninjas’ - and rightly so -  your cinematographer is there to capture all your love in motion. This wedding vendor is often seen as a ‘luxury’ or a ‘if I have any cash left-over’ kinda thing, and this makes me want to shake you. A cinematographer will create a lifetime piece you’ll cherish for a million years to come (not literally, but you know what I mean). They capture what can’t be put into print as your day unfolds; the unseen notions of your love and the surroundings with a fresh set of eyes. Before you go spending all your dollars on wedding favours that may not even make it out of the reception party, book yourself a wedding cinematographer. 

Hint: Bounce off the professionals for ideas on who they work with best and choose a style that represents who you are as a couple. 

The Photog


This is where a lot of brides start, and so they should. Your photographer is ultimately the one who will be there through the entirety of your wedding journey. Knowing how your love will be preserved through images is so important. I know its cliché to say, but, this is YOUR day. You only get to do it once (hopefully), so you want to make sure your photographer is the kind of person who wants to get to know you and your story, who counts down with you  leading up to the wedding, and most importantly, the person who you capture your day with ease, comfort and a whole lot of talent.  

Hint: Let them in on any inside secrets or jokes. If something ops up throughout the day they’ll know exactly  what to capture. MEET with your wedding photographer more than once, get comfortable in their presence and in front of their camera – engagement shoot anyone?

The Real Slim Shady

E & B WED-680.jpg

No, we aren’t talking about Eminem, but hey if that floats your boat! 

Having the right entertainment on your day is the ultimate key to having a wedding full of vibes. Once you have chosen your location have a think about what elements of the day you would like to have music playing and what sort of mood you want to tune. Do you prefer live acoustic melodies, a DJ’s soft house or a five piece jazz band? The world is at your feet so don’t be afraid to switch it up – relax in the afternoon then hit them with the party beats after dinner and get Aunty Mary and Uncle Johnny up for a boogie! 

Hint: If you’re going for a dancing party vibe, make sure there is enough room on the dancefloor to bust a move! And make sure you check out any noise restrictions!

While there are a million other wedding vendors let’s look at this as a whole – you’re getting married and are throwing a celebration party, aka a wedding. You have your love and location, and you look and feel amazing as ever. You have become husband and wife (the ultimate goal of the day), you have full and tummies, incredible music and vibes out of this world. Weeks later you receive your imagery and your film. You stare at your captures, wishing to be back in that moment of time, you watch our loved emotions erupt during a film created to capture the unseen… sounds to me like you have the perfect wedding!

Should We Book a Wedding Cinematographer?

Should We Book a Wedding Cinematographer?

Before I even get started on the details, the answer to this question is a BIG yes! Cinematography and Photography work hand in hand, they are so similar yet capture completely different elements of your wedding day, and when working closely together are the ultimate recipe for wedding perfection.

When you look back on your wedding day you want to remember and relive every tiny detail. It may be the way the wind swept your hair, how loud you were laughing or the way he looked at you when you first walked down the aisle. By having a team of creatives that know how to work together to capture all of the above (and more) you’ll be set to ignite those emotions every day for the rest of your life! 


Imagine a time when you sit back together and reminisce on the beginning of your marriage, when your heels are swapped for slippers and your hair from blonde to ash. Imagine hearing the vows you had promised one another in real time, in real words, in a voice that may now be broken or frail. You will hear the sounds of loud cheers, laughter from a loved one and relive words that were spoken ever so beautifully from family and friends about your love.  

You may be thinking ‘why both?’, it’s simple. Wedding photography is about capturing a moment in time, an essence of your love story and a piece of art made up of all the elements of your love. Photography is about reliving a notion that is still, it’s one split second that you’ll have forever, imbedded your hands and heart. Wedding Cinematography is the essence of your love story as a whole, a progression of your wedding day with elements that are brought to life through film, style and sound. It’s a journey like no other, it’s YOUR journey. A whole production of what your love stands for and the day in which you became one. 

Cinematography can sometimes be seen as a luxury, a ‘maybe if there is room in the budget’. Let’s be real. Not many people will remember the colour of your linen washed table cloths or the million dollar extras that are put before budgets of photography and cinematography, but this is YOUR day, and you’ll want to remember in every way shape and form for the rest of your life. This day is about your love, and THAT is exactly what a creative team of cinematographers and photographers will capture. 

When do I get to see my wedding pictures?

When do I get to see my wedding pictures?

After your wedding day most vendors are all finished up; they pack down their settings, scrape their plates and turn the music off; but luckily for photographers that is not the case. Long before and after your wedding our creative mind is processing and thinking about your wedding photos; where to take them, how to compose them and how to best portray that honest love through each individual image. 

While your day itself was where your magic unfolded, it is here after that ours continues.

Feather and Finch endeavour to get your wedding images to you as quickly as possible, however, like any craftsman will tell you, you cannot rush art! Within 4-6 weeks you will be reliving that beautiful day all over again and I can’t wait to share it with you – but you may get a sneaky little still or two to keep you going in the meantime! 

T & D Wed (510 of 821).jpg

My passion is to give you the highest quality of images in their purest form. Unlike that awesome DJ that can turn down his music with the flick of a switch, I need a little time to individually select the best captures and edit them to ensure all of your unique love is at the forefront of what I deliver.  

Once they have been complete, we will organise an in-studio catch up (if you’re available) where you can see your love on the big screen. Alternatively we will send your package to you so you can look on together and share the memories that will last a lifetime together forever. 


Why an Elopement maybe the answer!

Why an Elopement maybe the answer!

It is becoming more and more common for two strong hearts to slip away under the sun and vow their love to each other forever and ever in enchanted forests and deserted islands; sounds romantic right? Like something out of a Hollywood film! Your love doesn’t always have to be announced to the world with all the bits and bobs, but instead it could begin with a foundation of forever that’s instilled through intimate moments with the one who matters most; then maybe, just maybe, a little celebration with your nearest and dearest to commemorate such an incredible milestone. 


It is easy to get caught up in everything weddings, there is so much to see, book and buy, but when it all boils down it is all about the beginning of a new journey. 

Capturing that essence is what I love to do. The moments in time that you will never get back yet want to relive forever and ever. Imagine planning your day exactly how you wanted, for just the two of you! 


So, what’s so special about elopements? 

  • You get your lover all to yourself!

There is no sharing amongst the guests, no loosing each other in a crowd and no morning apart; it’s the best day of your life, enjoy it side by side!

  • You can indulge a little!

All those tiny extras are gone, you’ve stripped to the basics so go on, indulge a little. Go a little further for your location, get the dress you’ve always wanted, go for a longer honeymoon or book the vendors you’ve dreamed of! Or do the opposite, save a little (or a lot) of cash! 

  • We get the real and the RAW

There is no pressure, so stress and no one watching. It’s just you two running wild with your love and me socking up the moments and indulging in the picturesque surroundings.

S _ B Wed (343 of 368)_mtsturgeonwedding_goldcoastweddingphotographer_countryvictoriawedding_featherandfinch_destinationphotographer_bestgoldcoastweddingphotographer_1500.jpg


  • Pick exactly where you want!

No need to worry if no one else can make it, afford it or desire to be in that location. We could galivanting out way through Moroccan landscapes, sailing away through the Maldives on sunset or glamping in the rainforests of Northern Queensland; all that matters is you get to be married!!

I could go on and on about how incredible an elopement is; from the moments you’ll remember to the ones you’ll relive, sometimes a day alone away from the world is just the perfect way to start a beautiful beginning. 

Which florals for which season?

Flower lovers, take note!

S & K Wedding-330.jpg

You may have your heart set on those freshly bloomed peonies, or that summery scent of frangipani for your special, but not all florals are available throughout the year. While some of the flowers you like may be available to be imported why not chat to your local florist to see what is in season to save yourself some cold hard cash and still be dripping in the finest floral haven.  

Flowers (as you’d know) can play a huge role in the styling of your wedding day. The simple yet oh so effective additions of native greenery adds vibes of that rustic love, pops of red melt hearts being traditional colour of love, while soft pinks and pastel tones add a splash of those romantic feels and white , of course, bursts with minimalism perfection! 

But how do you know what’s in season when you’re planning so far ahead? Here are the top three florals for each season!

Gold Coast wedding flowers


Hydrangeas simple and delicate, these are the perfect addition when you have forgotten your something blue.

Kangaroo Paw – Bright red Australian Native for those outback inspired bouquets!

Zinnias These are the best way to add a pop of colour; bright bold and beautiful they are the perfect piece to your popping summer bouquet.

H & C Wedding-304.jpg


Gardenias – A bridal fave, these beauties are a white perfection; soft, romantic and sit beautifully amongst a handful of foliage.

Magnolias – Delicate, delightful and a feature flower to say the least! 

Austin Roses – Dense petals that are thick and full of that gorgeous rosy smell! They look as thick as fairy floss and colours  range from light soft pink to deep burgundy, looking as beautiful as they smell!


Star of Bethlehem’s – Bunch these together and bam, your perfect white posy! 

Poppies – Delicate and red, these little addition certainly stand out in a crowd.

Oriental Lily – This beauty is believed to have links to the Goddess of Love!

C & S Wedding-1.jpg


Blossoms –  spring is In the air when these delicate beauties come out! The definition of ‘pretty in pink’.

Orchids – A delicate row of rising florals, these create dynamic and depth in every bouquet!

Peonies – A favourite among brides, these soft yet dense romantic flowers are as full of petals as hearts are with love and their colours have you melting with wedding bliss!


Minimalist Wedding

Are these on the to-do list for your minimalist wedding?

It is becoming more and more ‘on trend’ to cut down with the little nitty grittys that can send you crazy when planning your wedding and get stuck in to all the good stuff that this day truly brings; the love, peeps and vibes. 

Brides are cutting down on favours, hessian table runners and over the top cakes and settling in with keepsake polaroids, bareback tables and towers of cheese for all of their guests to enjoy; cutting down on costs, details and keeping it fresh bright and simple with a splash of that Scandinavian vibe.

We all go weak at the knees for a white-walled church or a simple silk gown fitted to perfection with less florals in hand and more hanging from the sky; but how do you cut down on all the things that are so easy to get caught up in? There are lists of people, things, places, vendors lying around but if you’re wanting to venture down the minimalist path you need to cut it all out and go back to basics!


1. White and Light. 

There can never be enough white. Its bright, bold and allows all those tiny pops of colour really stand out and become a feature all on their own. It really soaks up those Santorini dreams making you feel all island like right here in the beautiful Aus. 

2. Declutter.

Your decorations AND guests. What influence have they had on your life and love? It’s time to do a little culling. Do you need the extra candlestick, the long lost friend? Stick to the things and people that stand out! 

3. Structure and lines. 

The key to any Scandi styling is all in the lines. Simple, effective and a whole lot of wow. Try using simple furniture or an arbour that has a whole lot of nothing – seems weird right, but picture this; an all-white warehouse, concrete floors with an ailse lined in greenery and railway sleeper benches full of excited loved ones. You, your husband and an arbour of house-shaped timber surrounded by candles galore – dreamy as ever!

Styled Shoot (42 of 181).jpg

4. Tones and Textures. 

If you’re thinking minimal might be a little too stale, use all those natural textures to ‘warm’ things up. Linen table clothes, silk gowns, barely there naked iced cakes will make all the difference or add a few more candles to bring that romantic vibe back into play.

5. Bridal Glow

That is all you need! Don’t get too caught up in hairstyles, looks and extravagant details things that you will look back on (like we sometimes do our parents wedding pics) and think whyyyy! Elegant, sleek and simple. Glowing skin, lashes, gloss, and bam – you’re on! 

6. Pick the Best of the Best

Just because you read you have to every vendor under the sun doesn’t mean you have to! Pick the things you want to have forever, the things you will remember from your magical wedding day.  Don’t get caught up in the tiny details, or leave it to the professionals – concentrate on enjoying the days leading up to your wedding day. 

N & D Wed (448 of 748).jpg

Wedding Day Hair and Makeup Tips and Tricks

Wedding Day Hair and Makeup Tips and Tricks

When it comes to hair and makeup for your special day it can often be left until the last minute or totally forgotten about as the excitement of table arrangements and font styles take over in full deco swing. While yes, these things are very important, so is your hair and makeup. I am not saying this to be superficial or that you have to look a certain way, but YOU will be in more of your wedding pictures than your perfectly crafted doughnut sign (even though doughnuts are perfect in every single way). I have teamed up with a great friend and professional hair and makeup artist to give you some top tips when thinking about hair and makeup for your wedding day.

N & D Wed (108 of 748).jpg
N & D Wed (112 of 748).jpg
  1. Like most of your top priority wedding vendors, hair and makeup artists can book out well over a year in advance. If you have been scouting Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram and have your eye on someone in particular, get in touch sooner rather than later!
  2. Pinterest is a wonderful thing; all praise the Pinterest angels! Take pictures and pin a million things you love; it doesn’t have to be the exact style, but your artist will get a better understanding of what your trying to explain – they say a picture tells a thousand words right? It can be hard explaining some of those intricate styles.
  3. There is such thing as an ‘undone-done’ look; people often think they are going crazy when they ask for this, but it is a thing and a VERY popular one at that. Many brides want to look like themselves ‘just a little more glam’ for their special day and this is the perfect way!
  4. The camera will soften a few layers. TRUE! I wouldn’t hold this as an excuse to go the full shebang if makeup isn’t your thing, but keep in mind a little will soften behind the lens – a little extra blush ain’t gonna hurt nobody!
S & D Wed (152 of 796).jpg

5. To lash or not to lash – it is always the question! Individual lashes will give you a more natural look and can be placed just on the outside to brighten up those eyes while strip lashes will do the same with a little bit more volume. (P.s always get your artist to check your not allergic to the glue, you don’t want puffy eyes on your wedding day before the crying starts!)

6. Light and dark coloured hair will look different when styled! Intricate hairstyles on dark hair can sometimes get lost when the colour is solid while the blonde is more prominent. When you go on your pinning rampage, make sure your looking at pictures with similar hair tones to yours so you can see what it will actually look like. 

7. Always have a trial!! There are so so so many reason for this; meet the person you are spending your morning with, make sure you feel comfortabl, excited and calm with them. Ensure you don’t react to any of the makeup, try different styles so you can put any second guessing to rest, and most importantly make sure your 100% happy!! 

Hair By - Aleesha Darke
Makeup By - Face it you're beautiful and Porcelain Face Makeup Artistry

10 Quirky Wedding Ideas

Alright, here is the truth. The things I get to see and experience at a wedding are pretty amazing. There are cultural traditions, special announcements and even some pretty crazy guests; but truth be told, being a wedding photographer (and one who isn’t afraid of a little ‘out of ordinary’), I’m also enlightened with the weird, whacky and the (crazily) wonderful!

Piecing together your special day can take every inch of your mind when it comes to making decisions, so throwing in a few curve balls, and by curve balls I mean quality quirks, can be a whole new game field – but hey, that’s what makes every wedding unique!

Some are wild and some a little more tame, but here are my top ten quirkiest wedding ideas, a little taste of who dares wins! 

1. Cake Smash

Start your traditional food fight anniversary with your very own cake smash. Yes, I’ve seen it happen, icing to the face and cream in the hair all done on purpose. Why do the babies get to have all the fun with a cake smash? Own it (and eat it!!)

C & K Wed (673 of 904).jpg

2. Second Dress

A mid reception costume change? Why not! A dazzling gown of sequins or a bright bold pretty number, having a second dress to change into is becoming less quirky and way more popular than you think. 

3. Sunset Ceremony

Your favourite part of the day (and mine too) could be the perfect moment to become husband and wife. Switching the formalities of the day towards the end will have you saying I do as the sun steps of into the ocean, a backdrop of utter perfection.

C & K Wed (6 of 904).jpg

4. Wedding Piñata

For the wild at heart, and those who love a good jelly bean or two(hundred)! The perfect little dessert idea to have you guests laughing on that sugar high all night long. Did someone say team bonding? Plus, everyone loves being showered in lollies, right? 

5. Wedding Crèche

Quirky or just down right genius!? Mums and dads will be sending back their RSVP quicker than you can Rugrats Gone Wild.

6. Wedding Guest Bouquet

Create your own bouquet as your guests hand you flowers one by one on you way down the aisle. When you reach the end (with your love awaiting) you’ll have a hand full of blessings, each given by someone special in your life – there could be no better bunch!

7. Karaoke

If your down to par-tay this is where it’s at. This entertainment equals a big fat tick. You’ll be sure to hear all the classics and of course a little MC Hammer, so chuck back that extra tequila and grab hold of the microphone, Elvis has entered the building! 

C & K Wed (877 of 904).jpg

8. Puppy Love

They say it’s a man best friend right? I’ve seen puppies in tuxedos, speedos and flower crowns; and I’m not even joking. Furry friends are a huge part of your life (sometimes you love them more than your friends, let’s be honest) so if your venue allows, let them join your special day!

C & K Wed (440 of 904).jpg

9. Sandy Picnics

It’s a setting like no other and if you’re beach people you’ll totally get it. The Gold Coast has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, so throw down your cushions and blankets and turn your ceremony into the ultimate coastal gathering with relaxed vibes through ad through.  


This is one I have seen and love, cause apparently it’s not all about the bride and the groom on their wedding day! Do you have a little match-maker amongst your guests? Picture this; A Cupid’s bow and arrow and wristband of high flying helium balloons and a jacket detailed ‘Matchmaker’. Your guests can personally thank them for the party! 

Minimal, quirky or somewhere in between, the special pieces you add to your day are exactly that, special; and I’ll be there to capture it all. 

Tips to planning the ultimate summer wedding

Tips to planning the ultimate summer wedding

Oh, the sweet bliss of a summer wedding; the gorgeous cocktail attire, the sun kissed skin, cloudless blue skies and sweet smell of that salty summer air; but Mother Nature isn’t always that kind. Sometimes she likes to throw in a little (or a lot) of wind and rain, and what most people don’t think of when planning their special day, a blazing sun! While summer weddings on the Gold Coast are far from few, many brides can forget key things to consider when planning their ultimate summer spectacular. Here is how to plan ahead to ensure those summer critters and melting cheese boards are a no show on your big day.

C & K Wed (625 of 904).jpg

Location, location

Choose a wedding venue that offers an indoor/outdoor option. Having the chance to get that much needed shade will come with a huge relief to you and your guests; wind, sun or rain! Make the best of both worlds and choose to have one part of your celebration outside and one part in!

S & D Wed (301 of 796).jpg

Heat Protection

There can simply never be enough! Sunscreen, hand-held fans and umbrellas; yep! You read right – umbrellas are perfect to protect your guests from the rain AND sun.


Worried about the look of guests walking around with water bottles of all sorts? Ask your bar service to serve in icy cold water in crystal goblets with raspberries and a slice of lemon to get those summery vibes flowing along with the hydration.

Breathable Attire

You may be shopping for your wedding dress in the middle of Winter so keep in mind not only the style but the type of material of both yours and your bridesmaid’s gowns. Oh, and don’t forget the boys in their suits!!

S & B Wed (352 of 368).jpg

H20’s the way to go!

Pick a person, any person and delegate them to be your water supplier for the day. Try and pick someone that will actually give you the water and not swap it out for the vodka!

Food Choices

Be mindful of what your serving your guests. Meats and seafood can be dangerous if they’re not stored or severed correctly; and make sure that cheese board is out of the sun and covered up when not being indulged in; it’s for the guests not the creepy crawlys. Time Plan

Be sure to head to the location of your ceremony at the exact time you plan to have your wedding in the lead up. You can then make sure your stylists know where and what to set up to avoid squinting into the sun. It is always best to meet with your photographer before the wedding to discuss options for you photos too, they will know some great places to avoid or go to if the sun is beaming on the day!

C & K Wed (684 of 904).jpg

Beach Wedding?

Everyone loves to get married by the ocean but no one like burnt feet! Be mindful of people standing in the sand for too long and of those dear elderly guests who may be a little fragile walking up and down the sand.

Beat the Stress of The Dress

Beat the Stress of The Dress


As a photographer, one of the most sort after photos from the bride is that of their beloved dress; the ONE. And sometimes the one that has been the result of many a million late night hours on Pinterest, wine in hand, bridesmaids on speed dial and maid of honour on facetime virtually scrolling with you; if this is you, don’t worry you’re not alone!

During the morning of wedding preparations, the girls often chat about how they came to find their perfect dress; some with tears of happiness, others with tears of heartache over the stress of finding what will ultimately be the dress of their dreams. So how do you beat the stress of finding your perfect dress?


Choose your style; this can be the dress or the wedding! 
Boho? Classic? Couture? Simple and minimalist? Some brides organise the details of their wedding based around their dress, others will pick a dress that flows with their venue and location! Once you have your preference, run with it and try not to overthink it!

Don’t overload yourself with different opinions.
Naturally, everyone likes different things, that’s what makes the world do round right!? If you find yourself asking too many ask to many people their preference it could become a little more stressful than you first think! 

Trust yourself.
Once you find it, trust the person who knows you best, YOU! Some brides have suggested not to take too many pics wearing it, wait for your fittings, get excited and when you feel like whipping out a picture, don’t; just think back to the moment you went, YES, this is the one! 

J & A Wed (625 of 1422).jpg

Don’t fall too hard, too early
Don’t go in with your heart too set on something, yes ideas are great but be open; listen to the stylists, they may just throw something your way you would have never expected, and even better he might not expect!

You need to FEEL beautiful.
That’s the most important thing. The glow, the confidence and all the tiny perfections fall into place when you feel amazing in that gown. 

Don’t know where to start? Here are a few our bridal faves; Grace Loves Lace and Made with Love Bridal, which are both available for fittings in the Gold Coast; and Steven Kahlil and Pallas Couture. 

Happy shopping, we can’t wait to get that magical shot! 

Ryan - Feather and Finch Photography