Where to get married on the Gold Coast

Where to get married on the Gold Coast

In a world where locations are endless and views are plentiful, why should you choose to get married in the Gold Coast? Besides the ever glow of its candy coloured sunset, the stretch of golden sands and the tranquility of its nearby hinterland, the Sunshine State really does take wedding goals to a whole new level by enriching its bride and grooms with an array of magical vendors that are here to make your wedding experience a nostalgic notion you’ll be able to relive forever. 


As a Gold Coast Wedding Photographer I am lucky enough to delve into the world of two lovers and get to know them on a really personal level. I would certainly have to say that getting to know each couple and their individualty is one the most incredible parts of this job. Being immersed in the Gold Coast wedding world I have been able to learn the who, what, when , where and whys of wedding vendors to suit each couple. The Gold Coast is full of passionate individuals that love what they do. Being part of a wedding is so much more than a 'job', but to each of us a whole-hearted devotion. From Doughnut Walls, Photo Booths and Firework displays, the people that piece together your wedding will be fuelled with burning desire to help create pure magic for your day of love. 

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Next time you're chatting with your Gold Coast wedding team ask them what they have to offer, and better yet, who they know! What have you got to loose? These guys and girls have met the people and worked the floor (and packed it away). Their creativity is buzzing and who knows, you could end up falling in love with an idea your sweat-pant-friday-night-wine-night-self couldn't even find on Pinterest! 

The Gold Coast wedding options are honestly limitless. Take it all in, be yourself and create an authentic wedding in one of the most beautiful places in the world.