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How to be comfortable in front of the camera


When it comes to being comfortable in front of the camera there is no ‘one way fits all’, and when it comes to one of the most memorable days of your life being documented, I know just as much as you do that you want to look and feel comfortable in these wedding photos  you will cherish forever. 

Feather and Finch is certainly not your standard cookie-cutter wedding photography. I will not be there to tell you when to dip, kiss, laugh or smile; I’ll be there to capture the raw moments as they unfold. As the tears flow with emotion and laughter erupts in the wildest of moments. My wedding photography is based around the stories of your life and love, ensuring my craft is created within your vision the whole time. But how do we get to this stage of being comfortable with one another and making sure the awkwardness stays between that moment of silence when the celebrant asks if anyone objects to your marriage!?


It is my priority to make sure that you are feeling at ease with my presence, and to do that we break down the barrier of vendor/client and become more like friends. I’d like to think I am a very approachable person and always like to begin our journey towards your wedding day with a video call, here we get to know each other, chat and I can answer any underlying questions you have around what I do and what I can do for you. If you’re local to the Gold Coast get ready for some outings! Before your wedding day we will catch up multiple times and not just for a coffee (that is certainly on the agenda though!). We can spend as little or as much time together as you like as I begin to learn your story through experiences with you. We have a Gold Coast Studio that you’re more than welcome to come to, a world of knowledge to share and the option of having an engagement shoot prior (which I highly recommend)  to let all those pre-wedding photography jitters out and to see how cruisy and relaxed it truly can be. 


While most of your nerves have faded by now, when your wedding day rolls around it is still my forefront to make capturing these special moments seamless and effortless. I will be completely transparent in saying that I certainly won’t be your ‘director’ for the day but will make sure the love I have learnt from each of you is captured real and authentically and if that means suggesting we go dancing in a field or climbing a mountain, you could just be up for a little adventure – but I promise you it will be worth it. 

Gold Coast Engagement Shoot locations

Gold Coast Engagement Shoot locations

You’ve got the ring and chosen your date. Your venue is secured and your Photographer is booked, now the countdown to your modelling debut begins; and what better way to learn that this type of ‘modelling’ is in fact not that at all, well engage your photographer of course! And by that I don’t mean propose, but get a coffee, putting those nerves at ease with a chat and get in front of the lens with some engagement photoshoot fun! You will be so surprised at how incredibly amazing you two look when you’re relaxed, comfortable and hanging out with your best friend while someone takes a few shots, cause basically that happens. 

  • Create a little contrast

The best part about any Gold Coast engagement shoot is that your options are literally limitless. You can literally e in the mountains or beach side within 20 mins so the choice is really up to you. Just a little food for thought, why not mix it up and go the opposite to what you have planned for your wedding day in the Gold Coast. Hinterland wedding, head to the sandy shores. Beachside ceremony, run for the hills!

  • You and me, by the sea

Breathe in the fresh air and feel the sand between your toes. Is the sea somewhere your destined to be? A golden sunrise or a candied coloured sunset, this alone is a setting for romance, add in you two lovers and BAM, an engagement shoot dream in a place you feel free to roam. 

Styled Shoot  (28 of 193)_websize.jpg
  • Head for the hills

Take a walk on the wild-side and let the beauty of nature’s finest be your backdrop for love. While the Gold coast in famous for its stretch of beaches, the hinterland is becoming more and more appealing for couples to explore for their engagement shoot. Tall trees and textures galore, it’s the perfect place to create a million more memories. 

  • Back to where is all began 

Reignite all those loved up feels and relish in the nostalgic notions as you wander through the place it all began. Where is that special place that makes your heart feel giddy when you think of it, the place that makes the tiny little hairs on your arms prick up when you remember how you felt the last time you were there together? Yep, that’s the place. 

  • Home is where the heart is.

Sometimes there is no better place than in a space you feel most comfortable. That comfy lounge, your adorable puppy and hey, if it’s just Finny the fish, that’s cool too!  While it is nice to get out and about, the stories within these walls will be tales you’ll tell for a lifetime, why not have the pictures within your most cherished surrounding to go with it?

Quirky perks that will get your wedding guests talking. 

Quirky perks that will get your wedding guests talking. 

Everyone wants a wedding to remember; a night that razzle and dazzles and a day that shines bright right through too night. But when you feel like you’ve been to a wedding every weekend that consists of the same alternate-drop menu, dances to the same beat of Grease Lightening and you’ve sunk your sweet tooth into the same flavoured fruit cake, there is reason you might want to spice things up a little

With every tradition comes a little evolution, and with that we know just a few quirky perks to get your guests talking about a night to remember.

Gold Coast Wedding Photographer
  • Ditch the bar, bring in the bus!

That’s a booze bus we are talking about, and one that serves the beer! Take the formalities out of the drink station and bring in the good vibes with a caravan bar. If espresso martinis on tap or froze slushies’ are more up your alley get the cool drinks flowing with a touch of spice and whole lot of styling fun. 

  • May the odds be ever in your favour…

Really want to ramp up the chatter and mingling between guests? Download the Random Seat allocator. Yep, you read it correctly, have your MC allocate each guest to a table as they arrive and have let the dynamic speak for itself. Aunty Robyn sitting with your high school bestie? Who knows, they could more in common than you think! 

Gold Coast Wedding Photographer
  • Enlist your Grandmothers as your Flower Girls

They have waited for this day longer than you have dreamed of it, having these two hearts a part of your day will be truly an honour, a special touch to add to an already intimate and magical celebration. 

  • Destination Unknown

Give your guests something to talk about by giving them nothing at all. Have your guests ready for the wedding of a lifetime and celebrate your love with a destination reveal at the very last minute. In an area they may know well, they’ll have no idea where they are about to venture when they jump on the love-bus and head to your wedding ceremony.  

  • DIY Dinner Station

There is something fun about a deconstructed coffee or a taco you get to make yourself, so why not bring it the party? We have seen it all, DIY hot dog stands, personalised Paellas, even  a set up for decorate your own cupcake. The best celebrations of love are those done with full hearts and full tummies, so get your guests involved and have them remember the good times shared with beautiful people and delicious food. 

So I don’t know, but we think 2019 is the year to shake up the wedding, let your inner creative shine. Get amongst the goodness and enjoy your wedding celebration with a little extra fun. 

Top 10 Wedding Hacks

Top 10 Wedding Hacks

There is a lot to be said for the tiny details that you can get yourself into when you’re organising your wedding. What can seem like the most simple task can become quite controversial and just when you think you have it all planned out there are always a few sneaky things that can pop up to surprise you. Hindsight really is a wonderful thing, and we have the top 10 wedding hacks to make sure your covered from head to toe on your wedding day. 

  1. Avoid the Plague..

Or the seating chart conversation that comes with it! Instead of allocating seats for each individual person just allocate table numbers, each person can then decide who they sit next to on the table.

2. Feet for Thought

Head to the chemist for some numbing cream before walking in those brand new wedding day heels. Apply a little to the points of your feet where your shoes apply pressure to avoid the unnecessary pain – um, yes! 

Gold Coast Wedding Photographer

3. Save the Cake and Send in the Corn-Dogs

As the night comes to an end fill up your guests with a batch of warm hearty food. Who can resist a little bar-like food after a few beverages! We promise they will thank you in the morning! 

Gold Coast Wedding Photographer

4. Alas, 27 Dresses

If the budget it getting tighter and your bridesmaids dresses are seeming a little out of reach, try renting them! Bang for your buck, quality acquired and a penny saver to say the least! 

5. Touch-up Stash

Get your bridesmaids to stash your bag of touch-ups at your Bridal table before you arrive! When you get back from your photos you can freshen up right away before the dance floor party begins.

6. Lunch-time, Munch-time

The excitement takes over in the morning and the dance floor takes over in the evening; but you need to remember to eat! Have the caterer pack you a lunch on the go to take to your photos. You can have share your first meal as husband and wife as you dance among the trees. 

Gold Coast Wedding Photographer

7. Bugs Away!

If you’re an outdoorsy kind of love, spray the legs of your chairs with bug repellent prior to the wedding reception to stop those creepy-crawlys from scurrying up your legs mid speech

8. Let It Linger

Before you spray your perfume apply Vaseline to the areas you’ll spray. The petroleum jelly will ensure the scent will stick a whole lot longer.  

9. Wild Weather 

Have that veil sitting pretty throughout the duration of your day with veil weights – yes they are a real thing and YES they work wonders! What better way to ensure wedding hair perfection! 

Gold Coast Wedding Photographer

10. Bouquet Toss

The lucky lady who catches your bouquet will be wanting to keep those memories for a lifetime! Save yourself some $$ and get yourself a fake floral bouquet from your local discount store – you don’t really want to toss away that beautiful arrangement of your own do you1?

Gold Coast Wedding Photographer

There you have it, whether you’re a bridezilla or a chiller, there are a few tricks for you to ensure a smooth wedding day with no hidden agendas! 

Should We Book a Wedding Cinematographer?

Should We Book a Wedding Cinematographer?

Before I even get started on the details, the answer to this question is a BIG yes! Cinematography and Photography work hand in hand, they are so similar yet capture completely different elements of your wedding day, and when working closely together are the ultimate recipe for wedding perfection.

When you look back on your wedding day you want to remember and relive every tiny detail. It may be the way the wind swept your hair, how loud you were laughing or the way he looked at you when you first walked down the aisle. By having a team of creatives that know how to work together to capture all of the above (and more) you’ll be set to ignite those emotions every day for the rest of your life! 


Imagine a time when you sit back together and reminisce on the beginning of your marriage, when your heels are swapped for slippers and your hair from blonde to ash. Imagine hearing the vows you had promised one another in real time, in real words, in a voice that may now be broken or frail. You will hear the sounds of loud cheers, laughter from a loved one and relive words that were spoken ever so beautifully from family and friends about your love.  

You may be thinking ‘why both?’, it’s simple. Wedding photography is about capturing a moment in time, an essence of your love story and a piece of art made up of all the elements of your love. Photography is about reliving a notion that is still, it’s one split second that you’ll have forever, imbedded your hands and heart. Wedding Cinematography is the essence of your love story as a whole, a progression of your wedding day with elements that are brought to life through film, style and sound. It’s a journey like no other, it’s YOUR journey. A whole production of what your love stands for and the day in which you became one. 

Cinematography can sometimes be seen as a luxury, a ‘maybe if there is room in the budget’. Let’s be real. Not many people will remember the colour of your linen washed table cloths or the million dollar extras that are put before budgets of photography and cinematography, but this is YOUR day, and you’ll want to remember in every way shape and form for the rest of your life. This day is about your love, and THAT is exactly what a creative team of cinematographers and photographers will capture. 

Tips to planning the ultimate summer wedding

Tips to planning the ultimate summer wedding

Oh, the sweet bliss of a summer wedding; the gorgeous cocktail attire, the sun kissed skin, cloudless blue skies and sweet smell of that salty summer air; but Mother Nature isn’t always that kind. Sometimes she likes to throw in a little (or a lot) of wind and rain, and what most people don’t think of when planning their special day, a blazing sun! While summer weddings on the Gold Coast are far from few, many brides can forget key things to consider when planning their ultimate summer spectacular. Here is how to plan ahead to ensure those summer critters and melting cheese boards are a no show on your big day.

C & K Wed (625 of 904).jpg

Location, location

Choose a wedding venue that offers an indoor/outdoor option. Having the chance to get that much needed shade will come with a huge relief to you and your guests; wind, sun or rain! Make the best of both worlds and choose to have one part of your celebration outside and one part in!

S & D Wed (301 of 796).jpg

Heat Protection

There can simply never be enough! Sunscreen, hand-held fans and umbrellas; yep! You read right – umbrellas are perfect to protect your guests from the rain AND sun.


Worried about the look of guests walking around with water bottles of all sorts? Ask your bar service to serve in icy cold water in crystal goblets with raspberries and a slice of lemon to get those summery vibes flowing along with the hydration.

Breathable Attire

You may be shopping for your wedding dress in the middle of Winter so keep in mind not only the style but the type of material of both yours and your bridesmaid’s gowns. Oh, and don’t forget the boys in their suits!!

S & B Wed (352 of 368).jpg

H20’s the way to go!

Pick a person, any person and delegate them to be your water supplier for the day. Try and pick someone that will actually give you the water and not swap it out for the vodka!

Food Choices

Be mindful of what your serving your guests. Meats and seafood can be dangerous if they’re not stored or severed correctly; and make sure that cheese board is out of the sun and covered up when not being indulged in; it’s for the guests not the creepy crawlys. Time Plan

Be sure to head to the location of your ceremony at the exact time you plan to have your wedding in the lead up. You can then make sure your stylists know where and what to set up to avoid squinting into the sun. It is always best to meet with your photographer before the wedding to discuss options for you photos too, they will know some great places to avoid or go to if the sun is beaming on the day!

C & K Wed (684 of 904).jpg

Beach Wedding?

Everyone loves to get married by the ocean but no one like burnt feet! Be mindful of people standing in the sand for too long and of those dear elderly guests who may be a little fragile walking up and down the sand.

When and Why you Should Meet Your Wedding Vendors.

When and Why you Should Meet Your Wedding Vendors.

When it comes to choosing the people who are a part of your wedding day it is important to know that you guys are the right fit! You may love their work, enjoy their gelato or melt over the landscape in the background of their venue, but what happens if once you meet them things aren’t just quite right? It happens, and that’s ok, there are a few ways to navigate through and prevent this from happening and it all starts with a friendly chat and when suitable, a little meet and greet.

When it comes to meeting your vendors you want to know that they are just as excited and invested in your wedding day as you are, so getting to know them, their ideas and how they work can be crucial to a smooth and carefree wedding day. While it’s great if you can meet with as many vendors as possible here a few key peeps we think it’s important to touch base with through more than an email. 

Gold Coast Wedding Photography


We are always up for a chat! We want to envision your day exactly how you plan. These memories are going to last more than a lifetime; they will be passed down from generation to generation with stories and tales, so it’s important that your photographer has a clear understanding as to how you see your day unfolding. 

Meet with your photographer once you have chosen your date - check their availability if you have one in mind as they tend to book out 10-12 months in advance.


Like your photographer, these little beauties will also be highlighting the key features of your day – make clear the things you really want involved and the style in which you are after. Discussing the vibes and feels of your day will be a huge contributing factor; are you set in for formal kind of night, or a relaxed more party vibe?

Meet with your videographer around 6-12 months in advance. Share the things you love and even provide some ideas on some of their previous work so you are both on the same level.

Hair and Makeup

Discussing your styles for hair and makeup can be a little tricky if you don’t have something in mind or you haven’t chosen your dress. Once you know the style of the day get together a little mood board of all the things you love. If you’re not into the girly stuff it can be a little tricky so meet with your stylist to get an expert opinion on things that will work for you.

Use this trial as the perfect excuse for a night out! Your bridal shower, your hens even your kitchen tea, everyone loves to get a little glammed up so why not take the opportunity around 6 months in advance.


Everyone likes to try before they buy, but not all caterers offer a little taste test! Once you have decided on your venue discuss the catering options with their chef. If you are out sourcing your tucker get in touch to see if you can meet to discuss the menu options! Keep in mind the season of your wedding; you may not want to serve a warm soup on a hot December day, nor offer an array of frozen yogurt in the middle of winter! 

Meet your caterers once you have chosen your venue and make a little date day/night for you and your partner around 6-9 months in advance to choose the delish little delights to be served up to your guests.


The Ring Leader, the Official, the Master of your opening ceremony; this special person is about to set the foundations of our love and formalise your love before all your special family and friends. It is a requirement to meet you marriage celebrant before you are wed, but in all honesty, it is best to get to know them well and truly before your magical day. You want them to know the ins and outs, be comfortable talking about your love and each of you as individuals too!

Meet your celebrant a few times throughout the process if you can. A few little coffee catch ups or a skype call when needed will make reading your vows out loud and declaring your love a little less nerve racking.

Top Three Reasons to Get Married on the Gold Coast

Top Three Reasons to Get Married on the Gold Coast

There are a million and one reasons why this beautiful part of Australia is a number one wedding destination. From overseas travellers’ right through to local love, the Gold Coast inspires such a diverse range of lovers with the amazing traits it holds within its heart. There is nothing I love more than capturing each wedding story with a unique flare, and although that means I am able to travel the globe to extraordinary cultures and sceneries, there are so many places within this location that can allow you to feel a part of something so unique - like they say, there’s no place like home! So, let me fill you in on a few reasons why the Gold Coast is the perfect place to tie the knot!

Gold Coast Wedding Photography

Oh, the Land and Sea

From the golden tones of the sandy shores right through to the intricate detail of the tree lined rainforests, the Gold Coast has the most diverse range of landscapes set for your wedding day! Within thirty minutes you can be set on the sandy shores for a balmy night of fun or escaping into the glorious hinterland with the fresh countryside air and scenery to just as beautiful as your love.

Vendor galore

You are honestly spoilt for choice, what more can I say? The Gold Coast has some of the world’s finest vendors on its radar. Each venue is so unique allowing you to stay true to your style while adding splashes of your unique character through your endless choices of live music, styling and most importantly, your FOOD! Don’t be afraid to get fancy, trial run a few things to find exactly what you’re after, and most importantly meet with your vendors to make sure you guys are a perfect fit!

Gold Coast Wedding Photography

Hello Holiday

No one could ever say no to attend such a blissful day for you and your partner, nor could they turn down the opportunity to have a little getaway themselves! The Gold Coast is the perfect place for your guests to indulge before and after your celebration and truly make the most of their time in the sunshine state. With white sandy beaches, theme parks galore and mountains as far as the eye can see, this gem within Australia really offers a little piece of paradise for an holiday maker. 

What happens once you have booked your photographer?

What happens once you have booked your photographer? 

You have chosen the date, have ideas on florals, dresses and styling all overflowing in your mind and you have inquired with Feather & Finch, so what happens now? Well, now is where all the fun begins, and the excitement starts to really sink in for both of us! 

One of the most special things about your wedding journey is that everyone’s is different. There are so many little quirks that make up the unique characters of our clients and we have a few little steps within the Feather & Finch process to ensure we are the perfect fit and can capture your day in the most comfortable and natural way possible.

Gold Coast wedding photographer

So, to kick things off, once you have inquired with us the first thing we like to do is organise a meeting! In our studio, at your local café or a Skype call for you international and interstate peeps, this meeting gives us chance to not only chat face to face but ensure we are on the same path when it comes to the imagery for your wedding day.

After we meet we set you up with your own personal portal – yep, you got it – a place where we can communicate for the months, sometimes years, leading up to your day instead of trying to filter through old emails and messages! We really encourage this interaction with our couples as it not only provides clear information but enables you to feel organised and on track for everything to do with your wedding photography! 

It is from this point we are available to you 24/7; via email, phone, location scouts, studio catch ups, you name it – we are there!  We encourage as much communication as possible and love scouting out each venue with you to see your visions for the day, regardless if we have been there before! 

As your day draws near we have a few mandatory catch ups at the three-month, two-month and two to three-week stage, here we can get a little more in depth and plan a little more detail – and by plan, I mean timings etc, not your photography poses, there will be none of that!  

Gold Coast wedding photographer

Once we have captured this phenomenal love of yours our team will have all of your images back in your hand within thirty days! We love to arrange a studio meeting with all the finer trimmings of beers and champagne to unwind and watch the narration of your love unfold. Caution: there may be beaming smiles and way too many tears of happiness as you walk away! 

From the very beginning right until the end Feather & Finch are all about enjoying this journey with you. We want to feel just as much a guest at the wedding as we are vendor. The natural moments unveil the second you feel comfortable with the people surrounding and this is exactly what we want to capture on your wedding day. 

Feel free to check out what some of Feather and Finch previous clients have to say about their experience. REVIEWS

Do I really need to pose?

Do I Really Need To Pose? 

Gold Coast wedding photographer

Capturing images that represent your wedding day is so much more than your standard ‘look into each other’s eyes on the count of three and smile’. There are so many couples, and I am talking a good 90%, that fear their wedding photos; ‘I’m not very photogenic, I never look good in photos, this is going to be so awkward, are you going to tell us how to pose?’. Well let’s cut to the chase and let me tell you why not posing is the best thing you could possibly do!

This day is a celebration of love, so all you need to focus is exactly that; from the morning mimosa and round of golf, right through to those first few moments as husband and wife, I am there to bring these to life, there is no need for me to tell you how to pose, nor do you need to, your natural love will flow and shine - and that’s exactly what I am after.
I want you to look back on these photos in all the years to come and see those laugh out loud moments, the unseen tears and the hidden little whispers between yourselves as you stroll hand in hand through your chosen location and just enjoying each other’s presence. If you want to cry, cry, if you want to skip back down the aisle through the colourful confetti, then go right ahead and do that too! These are the captures that will truly represent your love, free from all fear of awkwardness and just beaming with the elements of you. You will be pleasantly surprised on just how special and perfectly angled these become without any posing or modelling instructions from myself or any other random posing blog you might have scuffled across – you guys just be you and leave the rest to me, it’s the part I love the most.  

Gold Coast wedding photographer

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