Quirky perks that will get your wedding guests talking. 

Quirky perks that will get your wedding guests talking. 

Everyone wants a wedding to remember; a night that razzle and dazzles and a day that shines bright right through too night. But when you feel like you’ve been to a wedding every weekend that consists of the same alternate-drop menu, dances to the same beat of Grease Lightening and you’ve sunk your sweet tooth into the same flavoured fruit cake, there is reason you might want to spice things up a little

With every tradition comes a little evolution, and with that we know just a few quirky perks to get your guests talking about a night to remember.

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  • Ditch the bar, bring in the bus!

That’s a booze bus we are talking about, and one that serves the beer! Take the formalities out of the drink station and bring in the good vibes with a caravan bar. If espresso martinis on tap or froze slushies’ are more up your alley get the cool drinks flowing with a touch of spice and whole lot of styling fun. 

  • May the odds be ever in your favour…

Really want to ramp up the chatter and mingling between guests? Download the Random Seat allocator. Yep, you read it correctly, have your MC allocate each guest to a table as they arrive and have let the dynamic speak for itself. Aunty Robyn sitting with your high school bestie? Who knows, they could more in common than you think! 

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  • Enlist your Grandmothers as your Flower Girls

They have waited for this day longer than you have dreamed of it, having these two hearts a part of your day will be truly an honour, a special touch to add to an already intimate and magical celebration. 

  • Destination Unknown

Give your guests something to talk about by giving them nothing at all. Have your guests ready for the wedding of a lifetime and celebrate your love with a destination reveal at the very last minute. In an area they may know well, they’ll have no idea where they are about to venture when they jump on the love-bus and head to your wedding ceremony.  

  • DIY Dinner Station

There is something fun about a deconstructed coffee or a taco you get to make yourself, so why not bring it the party? We have seen it all, DIY hot dog stands, personalised Paellas, even  a set up for decorate your own cupcake. The best celebrations of love are those done with full hearts and full tummies, so get your guests involved and have them remember the good times shared with beautiful people and delicious food. 

So I don’t know, but we think 2019 is the year to shake up the wedding, let your inner creative shine. Get amongst the goodness and enjoy your wedding celebration with a little extra fun.