How to Write Unique Wedding Vows

How to Write Unique Wedding Vows

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These sweet sentimental words can sometimes prove to be the hardest to string together – I ask the same question as you; why oh, why is something that you feel so passionately about so hard put to paper? You have a love you didn’t think was possible, you’ve soared through life’s ups and down side by side, experienced countless memories and grown in more ways than you knew were possible; but how do you tell them all of that and more at the alter? Well, while we can’t exactly write your vows for you, we have a few little tips that may just get those creative vibes flowing. 

Don’t sweat the small stuff

That’s the stuff they’ll love! Those tiny little things that they think go unnoticed, forgotten. The things that they may not love about themselves or even notice, that you fall more and more in love with every single day.  Now is your chance to tell them (if you haven’t already, which you should!) 

Get down and personal

You heard me; don’t be afraid to speak of the unknown. She will be captivated that you dared to speak out and profess your love, your heart and all that lies within. These are words exchanged between just the two of you, forget about who else will hear and let them come from your heart. She is your wife, your lover and the one who will be beside you through every day that lies ahead.

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Go back to where you met

Inspiration can sometimes be a tricky one; how can you find the right words when you’re mind in running at the speed of daily life (a million miles an hour)? My advice; take a little drive. Cruise down to the local places that hold beautiful memories and think back to what it felt like, what it smelt like and what it sounded like – it may spark little something from within.

Let the melodies ring

Get the tunes flowing. Does she have a favourite song? Does he come to mind when a certain song comes begins to play? Turn on the musical vibes and let it move through you; you never know, there could a perfect little theme to help you along your way (or a great one liner if you’re lucky!)

Read a little love

Get involved in a little literature – you will be surprised by how they use their words to connect emotions and stories together. Feed off a little love from a modern romantic novel or take it back to where is all began with a subtly intrinsically warming Jane Austen classic; who knows how your senses will be enlightened.

Just be you

Last but not least, the most important one of all, speak words that reflect you as a person. Don’t conform to what you feel has to be written, write from your heart, structured or jumbled it doesn’t matter – they are your words from your heart.  

Relax, it back and just be yourself. She may be witty and you may be funny. He may be unveiling promises and you may be poetic; whatever it may be, stay true to who you are – that’s why they fell in love with you in the first place.