Oh, for the Love of Wedding Vows

Oh, for the love of wedding vows Gold Coast

Gold Coast wedding photographer

Marrying your best friend is like marrying the better half you wish you could be for yourself; the half that makes laugh unwillingly when you feel like you want just want sit there and sulk, the one who holds you that while longer on those rainy Sunday mornings when you feel like you have a whole world to face; but best of all they are the ones who love you for all those tiny idiosyncrasies, for all the exquisite little details that make you, you. The beauty, the beast and everything in between. And what better way to show them just how grateful you are than to reflect that same lovin’ right back!

Gold Coast wedding photographer

So, what are your vows and what should they mean? Sure, there are the lines that we are obligated to say for the proceeding to commence, but after you take your ‘lawfully wedded’ partner by their hands and your heart melts that little bit more (even when you thought it wasn’t possible), the rest is up to you. 

Let your heart pour with words, make promises of adventures that you wish to endeavour together and enlighten their soul with the dreams aspirations you have not only within your life but within your hearts. Don’t be afraid to get personal, your sea of guests will be weak at the knees in the presence of your love and capturing the raw emotion of such sweet intimate moments is a Gold Coast Photographers dream.

Gold Coast wedding photographer

These words will forever be a solid foundation to the beginning of your forever, so let them ooze with passion, promises and even a splash of laughter!

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