Honeymoon - Where to go and what to do?

Honeymoon - Where to go and what to do?

It is the celebration after the celebration, your time away from wedding planning, away from the world finally a time to soak up all those newly-wed vibes. It’s the long awaited holiday bringing all those ‘honeymoon’ dreams to life; where the whole world stops for a few weeks, or even just a few days, and the only thing that matters is how cold your cocktail  is, what time you book dinner and where the daily adventures may lead. 

But what makes a honeymoon destination so sweet? Just like love, there is no one size fits all, we all crave different elements for our honeymoon; some destinations are all about the adrenalin adventures, treks through untouched worlds and discovering new cultures, others are all about fine dining, quiet quality time and an island style relaxation. 

When it comes to picking your honeymoon destination there are so many places that offer the best of both worlds! Take the Blue Mountains in NSW for example; you can relax and unwind in the tranquil surroundings of treehouse retreats or get lost (not literally!) through the bushland on daily hiking and camping adventures. Hawaii (and most island destinations) will have many places for you sit by the pool with a cocktail in hand, yet also have many places to eat out, experience the culture and try something new! 

We have put together our top 5 honeymoon destinations (in no particular order) to help kick-start the honeymoon planning and get that travel bug of yours into full swing. 

New Zealand - Film Photography

New Zealand

From romance through to adrenalin filled adventures, an NZ honeymoon is a one stop shop! The snow-capped mountains of Queenstown will be a vision you’ll never forget as you come in to land so be sure to get a daytime flight! Try the hot springs with champagne in hand or relax in your five star surroundings with landscapes that will blow your mind. New Zealand is close to home and still classified as an overseas holiday! 

Cook Islands 

This one is for the island dreamers, the sun soaking, sand loving couples who want their time alone in the sunshine and salt sea. Incredible food with an amazing culture and shorelines that a better than any postcard, this honeymoon destination is popular for those lovers who like some time to unwind. It’s the perfect destination to switch off from the world and listen to the melodies of the ocean. 

Byron Bay Wedding

Byron Bay

Sometimes the best getaway can be one that’s not too far away! By travelling somewhere close you can still find a slice of paradise that will hold all the cherished memories you wish to create. Relax by day and Wategos Beach and then head back into town at sundown for live music, cheeky cocktails and all the summer-filled vibes you could possibly sink in. A Byron Bay honeymoon is super cost effective if you’re travelling from the Gold Coast and has Airbnb’s that will have you feeling a whole other world away.

Ayers Rock

This Australian gem is home to some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. If you want an experience that is unforgettable, pack your bags and head to the centre of the country for star-gazing nights and pool side days. This is one for the adventurer, lovers who seek a Dreamtime. Your senses will be totally enlighten with five-star dinners under the stars with all their stories told. If you’re feeling a little road trip, take your time travelling and stop in through different towns along the way to see Australia in a whole new light! 



It is so easy to fall in love with the islands of Hawaii. Pristine waters, endless shopping and a million adventures lay on every inch of this incredible honeymoon destination. Island hop your way around the shorelines, surf, bake and soak. You can go as relaxed or as high-class as you like in Hawaii, I guess that’s why it is so popular! There is something for everyone, even if you take the kiddies!

Whatever it may be, make it one to remember! Fill it with treasured memories, unforgettable nights and many moments of happiness – that is what it is all about! 

P.S If you’re really stuck and ready for an adventure, find a map, put a blind fold on and let your instincts guide you; where ever you land, you go!