Why an Elopement maybe the answer!

Why an Elopement maybe the answer!

It is becoming more and more common for two strong hearts to slip away under the sun and vow their love to each other forever and ever in enchanted forests and deserted islands; sounds romantic right? Like something out of a Hollywood film! Your love doesn’t always have to be announced to the world with all the bits and bobs, but instead it could begin with a foundation of forever that’s instilled through intimate moments with the one who matters most; then maybe, just maybe, a little celebration with your nearest and dearest to commemorate such an incredible milestone. 


It is easy to get caught up in everything weddings, there is so much to see, book and buy, but when it all boils down it is all about the beginning of a new journey. 

Capturing that essence is what I love to do. The moments in time that you will never get back yet want to relive forever and ever. Imagine planning your day exactly how you wanted, for just the two of you! 


So, what’s so special about elopements? 

  • You get your lover all to yourself!

There is no sharing amongst the guests, no loosing each other in a crowd and no morning apart; it’s the best day of your life, enjoy it side by side!

  • You can indulge a little!

All those tiny extras are gone, you’ve stripped to the basics so go on, indulge a little. Go a little further for your location, get the dress you’ve always wanted, go for a longer honeymoon or book the vendors you’ve dreamed of! Or do the opposite, save a little (or a lot) of cash! 

  • We get the real and the RAW

There is no pressure, so stress and no one watching. It’s just you two running wild with your love and me socking up the moments and indulging in the picturesque surroundings.

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  • Pick exactly where you want!

No need to worry if no one else can make it, afford it or desire to be in that location. We could galivanting out way through Moroccan landscapes, sailing away through the Maldives on sunset or glamping in the rainforests of Northern Queensland; all that matters is you get to be married!!

I could go on and on about how incredible an elopement is; from the moments you’ll remember to the ones you’ll relive, sometimes a day alone away from the world is just the perfect way to start a beautiful beginning.