What NOT to do on the Morning of Your Gold Coast Wedding

It’s easy to get lost in the magic of your wedding morning, and let’s be honest, that’s what it’s all about! While it all goes so quickly with the adventures of golf, surfing and sleep-ins for the boys, and the girls are swept in pamper preparations and champagne breakfasts’, it is easy to forget a few key ingredients that can make a whole lot of difference to this incredible occasion – and boys, we have a few tips for you too! 

For the Glorious Girls:

Steady on the champagne

Add in little extra OJ to that mouth-watering Mimosa, it’s hard to resist a bit of bubbly fun but you don’t want to feel too light headed walking down the aisle, just enough to calm to the nerves! 

Gold Coast wedding photographer

Hands off the flowers

You are going to be drooling over the beautiful blooms your florist delivers to you, and has worked oh so hard on, so find the coolest place in the house ie. bathroom or laundry and let them rest –  the more you touch, the more they wilt, so hands off gals.

Don’t fear a little Rain

If it happens it happens, don’t let a few tears from the sky dampen your day! It’s probably the one thing you cannot control when it comes to your wedding day so instill a little extra trust in your incredible vendors and leave it up to your talented photographer to capture the sweetest of moments given any condition –  remember it’s their area of expertise!  

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Now, for the Gentle-Men

Avoid injuries!

Yes, I am talking to you. It’s hard to resist a morning of backyard footy, cricket, surfing, golfing, you name it –  But whatever you do, just don’t get hurt! The last thing we need is for you to be rushing to the hospital or have the makeup artist popping in for touch ups on a black eye; this goes for you Groomsmen too! 

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Um, hello, THE RING

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT forget the rings. Find the most responsible mate, preferably the one who hasn’t had the extra glass of Johnny Walker and make sure he has them safe and sound, then double check! 

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Up and at em!

Do not underestimate how long it will take you to get ready. Get up nice and early, and by that I just mean a reasonable hour and get all the grooming out of the way. Cure any of last nights’ beers with a big hearty breakfast and enjoy the time getting ready while your Gold Coast Wedding Photographer snaps up some memorable shots – it’s your special day too, take it all in and enjoy.