Beat the Stress of The Dress

Beat the Stress of The Dress


As a photographer, one of the most sort after photos from the bride is that of their beloved dress; the ONE. And sometimes the one that has been the result of many a million late night hours on Pinterest, wine in hand, bridesmaids on speed dial and maid of honour on facetime virtually scrolling with you; if this is you, don’t worry you’re not alone!

During the morning of wedding preparations, the girls often chat about how they came to find their perfect dress; some with tears of happiness, others with tears of heartache over the stress of finding what will ultimately be the dress of their dreams. So how do you beat the stress of finding your perfect dress?


Choose your style; this can be the dress or the wedding! 
Boho? Classic? Couture? Simple and minimalist? Some brides organise the details of their wedding based around their dress, others will pick a dress that flows with their venue and location! Once you have your preference, run with it and try not to overthink it!

Don’t overload yourself with different opinions.
Naturally, everyone likes different things, that’s what makes the world do round right!? If you find yourself asking too many ask to many people their preference it could become a little more stressful than you first think! 

Trust yourself.
Once you find it, trust the person who knows you best, YOU! Some brides have suggested not to take too many pics wearing it, wait for your fittings, get excited and when you feel like whipping out a picture, don’t; just think back to the moment you went, YES, this is the one! 

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Don’t fall too hard, too early
Don’t go in with your heart too set on something, yes ideas are great but be open; listen to the stylists, they may just throw something your way you would have never expected, and even better he might not expect!

You need to FEEL beautiful.
That’s the most important thing. The glow, the confidence and all the tiny perfections fall into place when you feel amazing in that gown. 

Don’t know where to start? Here are a few our bridal faves; Grace Loves Lace and Made with Love Bridal, which are both available for fittings in the Gold Coast; and Steven Kahlil and Pallas Couture. 

Happy shopping, we can’t wait to get that magical shot! 

Ryan - Feather and Finch Photography