How to Avoid Stress when Planning your Wedding

How to Avoid Stress when Planning your Wedding

One of the best days of your life should come with all the happiness in the world, leading up
to AND on the day. There are a few pointers that can totally make all the difference when
planning your wedding and have you feeling on top of it all!


Give yourself time
If getting things organised for the big day is not a huge rush, take your time to ensure your
favourite vendors are available. Not only will this relieve your stress in the lead up and
planning of your wedding, but you will know you have your best (and favourite) team with
you on the day.

Write a list!
Put your mind to pen and pen to paper. Although your list may seem longer than expected,
you will sleep easy knowing your more organised and what’s left on your to do.

Delegate, Delegate, Delegate
If friends and family offer their helping hand (and you trust them), TAKE IT! Having a few
extra things ticked off the wedding list without you having to add it to yours will relieve a
whole lot of time for you – plus they totally like to feel as though they have contributed to
your wedding day!


Have a backup plan that you love!
Many brides have a little plan in case the weather doesn’t go as dreamed, but more often
than not they are not really pleased with what their alternate is. So, create a backup plan
early on and one that you love! You’ll find in the days, weeks or months leading up, you will
be at ease knowing that whatever the weather outcome may be you have the perfect plan

Meet your vendors
Grab that coffee, do the skype meeting and take that trial! Meeting your vendors will take
all the questions out, remove any awkwardness you think you might have and allow both
you and your partner to go ahead and ask as many questions as you need to feel completely

Be honest
Speak up, communication is key; this goes for planning with your vendors, bridesmaids and
partner. Have an inspo board or book to help get your ideas across, pictures are an amazing
way to show peeps what you do and don’t love!

Remember the important things
1. This day is about celebrating your love
2. This day is about celebrating your love
3. Repeat number one and two..
Don’t get caught up in your cake flavour or the colour of the stitching on the table cloth;
remember what this special day is about, who is there to celebrate with you and what you
will have at the end of the day – your husbands hand in marriage of course!

Ryan - Feather and Finch