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10 Reasons to Get Married in The Rain

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Sometimes it can be a little bit of a dampener when you see the forecast of rain for the day you have dreamed of your whole life – but we are here to save the day in more ways than one, in fact with ten! Your day will be just as perfect in the rain as it would be in the sunshine and we know just how to inspire you to make the most of a little h20 love – after all a little bit of rain never hurt anyone! 

  1. Any Excuse to Snuggle
    Let’s be honest, you need no excuse to laze in the arms of the man you now get to call your husband - but what better way to wake up on your first morning of being husband and wife, wrapped beneath the warmth of his arms and in between those cosy threads while the rain summons that sweet white noise.
  2. Unique Photos Not everyone gets the opportunity to make the most of such spontaneity! Live it up, let us capture your Gold Coast wedding in its realest form and wander through the yester years as you grow old remembering those magical moments that not many others could compare.
  3. Your florals will last longer

Those fresh little posies are always best kept in the coolest place in the house while you pamper your morning away with your gals – but why so far away? Let those petals set the scene in all your preparation photos and let them flourish with their sweet scent right next to you all day long - they don’t last forever so seize the opportunity to enlighten all your senses. Imagine a day you walk past that delicate pink rose and it takes you right back to your magical morning!

Rain Wedding Gold Coast, Wedding Suggestions Gold Coast
  1. Eat More Cake
    The dress is perfect, and you look perfect in it, but the time has come; we all know on rainy days the best thing to do is indulge, so eat the cake!! What better kind of comfort food than the sweet taste of your wedding celebration!
  2. Create Colour
    Misty blues and bright green hues glisten in the sparkle of each droplet. We will capture colours of the rainbow that you have never seen before. Don’t believe us? Let us prove it! 
  3. A Little Extra Luck
    You are already lucky in love that’s for sure, but hey – a little extra never hurt anyone, right? As the old wives’ tale goes; rain on your wedding day will bring a lifetime of luck - so rain away we say!
  4. Chivalry Isn’t Dead
    So lap it up! Let him hold the umbrella and get the car door – Let him wrap you up in the warmth of his jacket and relish in the tiny gestures of his unconditional love.
  5. Your Makeup May Last Longer
    We know your Makeup Artist is on to it, but sometimes mother nature likes to fine tune the sunshine a little high on the beautiful sunny Gold Coast, and while we are totally fortunate for these glorious days, rest assured if the rain is a-sprinkling, your makeup won’t be wrinkling.
  6. Feel the Love from Above
    Sometimes our loved ones are watching over with all kinds of feels; often referred to as happy tears from the sky, feel the love from above and their presence like never before – they can’t help but shed a little tear and join in on such a momentous occasion. 
  7. Dance in The Rain
    This is one of the most spectacular days of your life, the beginning of your journey with indescribable moments. So, let the happiness ooze from within, get out there and dance in the rain!! Anybody can look in to a camera and smile, but not everybody will have tales to tell of breathtaking moments of being swept up by their husband for a Hollywood kissing moment– you know that famous Notebook scene? Well you are Rachel McAdams and your husband is Ryan Gosling – Yes, we went there! And yes, you-are-so-welcome!! 

We cherish your moments in rain hail or shine just as much as you. We know deep down in you is a little piece that still wants to jump in puddles and get creative with us as we capture your love story with our Gold Coast wedding photography. 

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