What to Wear for your Engagement Shoot. 

What to Wear for your Engagement Shoot. 

There are a million and one reasons why engagement shoots are probably the best wedding prep you could ever possibly do, but when the time comes to piece together what to wear it can become a little overwhelming when all your thoughts are focused on what you’re going to be doing in front of the camera.

One of the main reasons to have an engagement shoot is to get to know your photographer, and to get to know your photographer you need to be yourself, and to be yourself means you need to be wearing something you’re confident and comfortable in. It’s likely that both your partner and yourself aren’t used to being in front of a camera and that 100000% OK, that’s why we do them!

Engagement shoots are not about learning what poses to do, but are designed to help you understand that that is exactly what it’s NOT about. It’s breaking down the barrier of the dreaded ‘stand there and pose’ stigma and learning to create a vibe that oozes with your honest love. So with all that in mind here are a few tips on how to pick the perfect outfit for your engagement shoot!

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  • Be Comfortable

There is no point in wearing something that you feel awkward in. If you feel awkward you’ll probably look awkward too! I’m not vouching for track pants and t-shirts, but don’t try to go to OTT in an outfit you’ll be trying to fix up the whole time. 

  • Location, Location!

Be mindful of where you’ll be shooting. Choose colours and pieces that will complement your surroundings. Think soft an gentle for outdoors or if you’re more the structured type getting fancy in a little cocktail attire for a more done-up look in a venue somewhere.

  • What’s Your Natural Style?

Like any love, stay true to who you are. I want to capture the real, raw love that resides within your relationship. You don’t have to follow trends or what you think may be a typical style. Just be yourself, the rest will flow so naturally. 

Gold Coast Wedding Photographer
  • Don’t Be Afraid of Colour!

Use the location to your benefit! Think bright popping colours for a fair-like scene, soft pastels to bounce off the shoreline or even just splash in a little flavour with some accessories or scarves to make the most of your contrasting surroundings.

  • Myths

Wear matching clothes or wear white. Need I say more? You have forever and a day to wear matching pyjamas and save the white is for your special day. Make the most of this. How often will you get a chance to create magical captures together? Make it different to your wedding day!

  • OWN IT!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again (and again) just be yourself. Its what makes for the most incredible captures. Smile when you want to, laugh when you must and cry when you will – it’s all about YOU.