How to Avoid a Wedding Disaster and Prevent It

How to avoid a Wedding Disaster

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We have all seen it, from the best man dropping the rings to the cake getting annihilated by someone who has had a few too many. 

1. Let's start off with rain. Most couples keep their fingers crossed that it doesn't rain on their big day, our tip is to make sure you have enough umbrellas for the bridal party. If you can get all matching. Also, ask the hair stylist is he/she would accompany you to the ceremony just in case you may need a last minute touch up.

2. Crazy children. A wedding is all about celebration, atmosphere and having a great time. And sometimes the little ones are so overwhelmed their either hypo or screaming. You can dress the child to look the part but if they are uncomfortable there not going to be too happy. Sometimes a little bribery can get them through the ceremony and then they can let loose with everyone else.

3. Drink Driving. Nothing worse than hearing someone has either drunk drove home or even worse had an accident. Have a plan B for all guest, have a shuttle doing trips to and from the reception or you could even have a friend or even a private driver doing trips to make sure everyone makes it home safe.

4. Blinding Sunsets. Yes everyone loves a beautiful sunset, but nothing worse than it over powering everything. Plan and prepare, head to the ceremony site and make sure you understand where the sun is setting etc, forget the view worry about the sun being directly in guest faces. And once the sun sets, what the game plan having some nice candles and hanging lights make for some great moody lighting your photographer will just love.

5. Your wedding, your way. Forget following the trend to much. If you would rather have your wedding, your first dance a certain way. do it. Remember it is your big day, your day to marry your best friend, so have fun, embrace the day and let loose.