What wedding vendors do I need for my wedding day?

What wedding vendors do I need for my wedding day?


We all know (and love) that brides have spent days, months, even years, dreaming about the magic of their perfect wedding day. But do you know how to choose the right wedding vendors and who you actually need for your wedding day?

Many of the smaller details leading up to your wedding can cause more sleepless nights than a newborn baby. Truth be told, you need to stop worrying about the height of your three-tiered candelabra (unless it’s a fire hazard!) and start focusing on nailing the vendors that will have the most impact on your day. 

The Place 

B & J WED-8.jpg

First things first - find a venue that fulfils your wedding dreams and has you weak at the knees. Ask all the questions you can think of then ask some more. It is important to know exactly what you can and can’t do within the grounds so you can avoid any disappointment down the track. 

This venue will house the beginning of your forever; a million memories for you and your husband and an unforgettable night for your family and friends. Lock in a venue that represents you as a couple and you’ll soon find the relaxed vibes and #weddinggoals will all come flooding naturally. 

Hint: Why not chat to the owners about the history of the venue and get to know it a little more personally – who knows what tales could be uncovered!

 The Face Painter and The Hair-doer  

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Easily one of, if not THE most, underrated wedding vendors in the industry. How you look and feel on your wedding day is SO important. You want to look back forever remember and reliving how beautiful you felt inside and out!
Find artists that have similar style to what you desire. Have a trial to make sure that you’re not only beaming with that bridal glow on the outside, but their company puts you in a happy-dance kind of mood – you do have to spend the whole morning with them, so you better make sure you like them first!! 

Hint: Do your trial before your Hen’s Party or Kitchen Tea so you can see the longevity of the hair and makeup.

That Film Guy/Gal 

Often referred to as ‘ninjas’ - and rightly so -  your cinematographer is there to capture all your love in motion. This wedding vendor is often seen as a ‘luxury’ or a ‘if I have any cash left-over’ kinda thing, and this makes me want to shake you. A cinematographer will create a lifetime piece you’ll cherish for a million years to come (not literally, but you know what I mean). They capture what can’t be put into print as your day unfolds; the unseen notions of your love and the surroundings with a fresh set of eyes. Before you go spending all your dollars on wedding favours that may not even make it out of the reception party, book yourself a wedding cinematographer. 

Hint: Bounce off the professionals for ideas on who they work with best and choose a style that represents who you are as a couple. 

The Photog


This is where a lot of brides start, and so they should. Your photographer is ultimately the one who will be there through the entirety of your wedding journey. Knowing how your love will be preserved through images is so important. I know its cliché to say, but, this is YOUR day. You only get to do it once (hopefully), so you want to make sure your photographer is the kind of person who wants to get to know you and your story, who counts down with you  leading up to the wedding, and most importantly, the person who you capture your day with ease, comfort and a whole lot of talent.  

Hint: Let them in on any inside secrets or jokes. If something ops up throughout the day they’ll know exactly  what to capture. MEET with your wedding photographer more than once, get comfortable in their presence and in front of their camera – engagement shoot anyone?

The Real Slim Shady

E & B WED-680.jpg

No, we aren’t talking about Eminem, but hey if that floats your boat! 

Having the right entertainment on your day is the ultimate key to having a wedding full of vibes. Once you have chosen your location have a think about what elements of the day you would like to have music playing and what sort of mood you want to tune. Do you prefer live acoustic melodies, a DJ’s soft house or a five piece jazz band? The world is at your feet so don’t be afraid to switch it up – relax in the afternoon then hit them with the party beats after dinner and get Aunty Mary and Uncle Johnny up for a boogie! 

Hint: If you’re going for a dancing party vibe, make sure there is enough room on the dancefloor to bust a move! And make sure you check out any noise restrictions!

While there are a million other wedding vendors let’s look at this as a whole – you’re getting married and are throwing a celebration party, aka a wedding. You have your love and location, and you look and feel amazing as ever. You have become husband and wife (the ultimate goal of the day), you have full and tummies, incredible music and vibes out of this world. Weeks later you receive your imagery and your film. You stare at your captures, wishing to be back in that moment of time, you watch our loved emotions erupt during a film created to capture the unseen… sounds to me like you have the perfect wedding!