10 Quirky Wedding Ideas

Alright, here is the truth. The things I get to see and experience at a wedding are pretty amazing. There are cultural traditions, special announcements and even some pretty crazy guests; but truth be told, being a wedding photographer (and one who isn’t afraid of a little ‘out of ordinary’), I’m also enlightened with the weird, whacky and the (crazily) wonderful!

Piecing together your special day can take every inch of your mind when it comes to making decisions, so throwing in a few curve balls, and by curve balls I mean quality quirks, can be a whole new game field – but hey, that’s what makes every wedding unique!

Some are wild and some a little more tame, but here are my top ten quirkiest wedding ideas, a little taste of who dares wins! 

1. Cake Smash

Start your traditional food fight anniversary with your very own cake smash. Yes, I’ve seen it happen, icing to the face and cream in the hair all done on purpose. Why do the babies get to have all the fun with a cake smash? Own it (and eat it!!)

C & K Wed (673 of 904).jpg

2. Second Dress

A mid reception costume change? Why not! A dazzling gown of sequins or a bright bold pretty number, having a second dress to change into is becoming less quirky and way more popular than you think. 

3. Sunset Ceremony

Your favourite part of the day (and mine too) could be the perfect moment to become husband and wife. Switching the formalities of the day towards the end will have you saying I do as the sun steps of into the ocean, a backdrop of utter perfection.

C & K Wed (6 of 904).jpg

4. Wedding Piñata

For the wild at heart, and those who love a good jelly bean or two(hundred)! The perfect little dessert idea to have you guests laughing on that sugar high all night long. Did someone say team bonding? Plus, everyone loves being showered in lollies, right? 

5. Wedding Crèche

Quirky or just down right genius!? Mums and dads will be sending back their RSVP quicker than you can Rugrats Gone Wild.

6. Wedding Guest Bouquet

Create your own bouquet as your guests hand you flowers one by one on you way down the aisle. When you reach the end (with your love awaiting) you’ll have a hand full of blessings, each given by someone special in your life – there could be no better bunch!

7. Karaoke

If your down to par-tay this is where it’s at. This entertainment equals a big fat tick. You’ll be sure to hear all the classics and of course a little MC Hammer, so chuck back that extra tequila and grab hold of the microphone, Elvis has entered the building! 

C & K Wed (877 of 904).jpg

8. Puppy Love

They say it’s a man best friend right? I’ve seen puppies in tuxedos, speedos and flower crowns; and I’m not even joking. Furry friends are a huge part of your life (sometimes you love them more than your friends, let’s be honest) so if your venue allows, let them join your special day!

C & K Wed (440 of 904).jpg

9. Sandy Picnics

It’s a setting like no other and if you’re beach people you’ll totally get it. The Gold Coast has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, so throw down your cushions and blankets and turn your ceremony into the ultimate coastal gathering with relaxed vibes through ad through.  


This is one I have seen and love, cause apparently it’s not all about the bride and the groom on their wedding day! Do you have a little match-maker amongst your guests? Picture this; A Cupid’s bow and arrow and wristband of high flying helium balloons and a jacket detailed ‘Matchmaker’. Your guests can personally thank them for the party! 

Minimal, quirky or somewhere in between, the special pieces you add to your day are exactly that, special; and I’ll be there to capture it all.