What you really get with your photographer

Many brides often think that when they book the photographer for their wedding they are just organising a person to come and take pictures on their camera. They (more often than not) innocently assume the following basic scenario which totally makes sense to someone who doesn’t know what actually goes into wedding photography. 

Email photographer, they write the date in their diary. They arrive on the day to take pictures then go home, edit, upload them to a USB and send them to back for you to see. 

While, yes, this is true in some sense; this description is honestly not even the backbone of what we do to capture the love on your wedding day. 

As a photographer we delve in with all guns blazing; just you like, we want to create spectacular imagery that not only you get to relive over and over, but that we are proud of and the reflects our unique style – that’s what makes our intrinsic creativity fly!

When you book a photographer you may initially be a little curious as to why the cost is more than you had first thought, so let’s go through what we do when you enquire with us to be a part of your day and why you’re actually getting some good bang for your buck! 

Before the day:

First of all we jump with excitement (cause we love weddings!) 

We then have an initial meeting (generally in the studio) for around 1-2 hours where we go through the visions and details for your day. We also catch up numerous in our studio, skype or a local coffee shop in the lead up. We location scout around the venue for potential photoshoot locations so you guys don’t need to worry and get back to the party as quickly as possible (this is already multiple days of ‘work’).

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On the day:

We capture from the beginning to the end. We start with preperations, the candid photos, the guys/gals getting ready and group pics with all your favourite sidekicks. Bridal preps with all the hair and makeup, the dressing, and dress reveal captures.

Then we head to the ceremony and capture guests arriving and all the fine little details that make this occasion so unique. We capture the full ceremony, including you signing that sacred love certificate, then move on to candid after ceremony shots. 

We photograph family shots and often coordinate your guests together for group photos. 

Then we move to our Bridal party photoshoot, then on to our Bride and Groom photoshoot.

We head to the Reception to capture decor, set up and , of course, that delicious beloved cake. The bridal party entrance, candid reception moments, cake cutting, speeches, first dance, father and daughter dance, the bouquet toss, the garter toss and the extremely extraordinary dancefloor par-tay! 

After the day itself it is usually over for every other vendor but us and the videos guys! We get to relive your day again (YAY!) culling through thousands of images, selecting top shots editing each one in colour and black and white. We load your USB and online gallery with images. THEN lastly (the best part cause we get to see your faces!) we invite you to the Studio to view your gallery or deliver online!

There is so much passion that goes into our profession, we love what we do and we can create for you. So, if grabbing your neighbour that has a camera and wants to take a few shots for your wedding day is the quality that you would like then that is a-ok, but our expertise and creativity gives so much and as you can see it’s not just the 12 hours on the day you are getting, it’s our undivided endless attention to your love story from the moment you enquire until the final clink of our beers when we deliver your incredible wedding captures.