Harry & Abbey, Canggu Bali

They were the ultimate guilty pleasure. A once in a lifetime kind of love that took on all the notions of a traditional wedding day, flipped them inside out and created a magic island love infused with authenticity and unique little touches. You wouldn’t believe me when I say that despite her dress of white, his fresh pressed suit and my cameras galore, we rode scooters, hiked hills and laughed our way over rocky shorelines to get to some of the most extraordinary places, and all within the first few hours of their forever love. 

Their ordinary had faded. Their everyday was out of sight. It was just the two of them together dreaming in sunset coloured skies with the whole wide world at their feet. There are no words that could amount to what was truly felt in those moments - and that the best part is, they don’t have too - the imagery speaks in volumes, shares stories of works unspoken - and that’s what it is all about. 

As the romance kicked on, so did the celebrations. We made our back down  from what felt like a dream and Harry took off through the crowded lanes of the cultured streets with his brides arm’s wrapped around his chest. The excitement was beamed from both of them as we found ourselves making a b-line down an open straight that aligned with the salty air and a sense of adventure. This feeling if exhilaration was just the beginning of the rest of their life. 

Villa Vedas Canggu became home to what would now forever be their happy place – a place of light, love and a hella lotta’ fun, that’s for sure!. It was a day filled with sheer modern elegance, and while that was present in all aspects of the day, it was the beautiful little wedding traditions that made for the most heartfelt memories. As Harry and Abbey said ‘I do’, Harry promised his forever with Abbey’s ‘something old’, Abbey’s Great Great Grandmother’s wedding band. Together Harry and Abbey created their commitment with a sense of freedom. Escaping their ordinary became just that, their ordinary.

I’m forever grateful to have been their photographing their destination wedding and being able to witness two people who are madly in love create the beginning of a lifetime with such an insanely humble beginning. 

Wedding Day Vendors
Videography - Anchored Cinema
Venue - Villa Vedas Canggu Bali
Coordination, styling etc - Hitch’d in Bali