Let me tell you a little about me....

I should let you know as cliche as it sounds I am not your typical wedding photographer. Yes I do have a camera and I do take photos but my drive and passion is to tell stories, I don't see weddings as material objects, I see weddings as an opportunity to capture a story of love.

My priority right from the start is to be more than a photographer, I invest a lot of time in communication with each couple to learn there unique story before the wedding day. Each wedding, I ensure my couples are having that much fun that they totally forget I am taking photos, just real moments with real people.


 I am a partner and a father to an amazing son, Carter who is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Just before Carter was born I was interested in photography but had never completely jumped in. The turning point came the moment he was born - I don't want to sound cliche but it is true! I was in a whole new situation, being a first time father I didn't know how I should feel and what I should do. What I did do though was pick up my camera and start documenting every moment we had. Being a father to this amazing boy has taught me so much and I truly believe I wouldn't be able to enjoy my career documenting each client's story as much as i do if it wasn't for him.

 So, onto a few little quirky facts you may not know about me;

  • I don't watch TV but would kill it at Ninja Warrior

  • Bacon & Eggs at the beach after a morning surf

  • I Served in the Australian Army

  • My Favorite place to visit - Bali

  • I love my home but hate gardening

  • I have to many tattoos to worry about the next one

  • I can’t grow a beard or in fact any facial hair