Feather & Finch World Tour

Are you planning a destination wedding in 2019, we have an offer we know you might not be able to resit. Feel free to fill out the form below to find out more.

So why destination wedding photography?

While the endless adventures it enables me to endure are incredible, there is so much more to a destination wedding that meets the eye. Yes, the location is impeccable, but all the moments surrounding allow me to immerse myself into their world of love, how people look and feel when they are seen together and how they act when they have their selves alone. They are completely relaxed, and truly soaking up every inch of their time away in one of their favourite locations. 

Taking my camera to exotic places around the world is something I am truly grateful for, but the experiences that come along with are honestly even more beautiful. Spending time on the pristine shores of crystal clear waters, right through to riding chair lifts to the top of snow-capped mountains, being able to shoot the raw excitement and true love between these souls truly ignites my passion for photography. 


Shooting the unforgettable moments of your wedding day is my passion; any location, any country, anywhere – let’s do this!