Villa Vedas, Bali

What is your wedding venue and where are you located?

Villa Vedas. We’re an absolute beachfront villa with unhindered sea views right on the edge of a secluded beach in Tabanan, Bali.

How long has Villa Vedas been operating?

The villa was built in 2013 and won the best villa in the 2014 Yak Awards.

How long do brides normally book in advance?

It depends on the bride and can range anywhere between 2 months to almost 2 years! The average time is approximately a year in advance.

How many guests does Villa Vedas cater for?

Villa Vedas started out as a 5-bedroom for 10 pax but has since added an additional 3 bedrooms. The standard occupancy is 16 but can accommodate another 2 additional beds in-villa. As for events, the property can comfortably accommodate up to 220 guests for a sit-down reception, and up to 300 standing.

Villa Vedas, Bali wedding venue

Do you have a wet weather back up plan?

This happened during a wedding last November. The living area is the only back-up for surprise weather and can accommodate a maximum of 80 seated guests. Destination weddings are typically more intimate so this has not been too much of an issue so far.

What is the most unique way a bride and groom have ever arrived to Villa Vedas?

One of our favourites was when the bride and groom arrived from opposite directions along the beach riding horses. It really depends on the available budget and the weather conditions. We’ve had a request to arrive on a boat, but the sea in front of the villa is too choppy and unpredictable. A parasailing groom would be something cool we’d like to try too! Entrance from the floating staircase in the living area.

Bride and Groom share an intimate moment in Canggu, Bali.

What was one of the craziest weddings you have had?

As the villa is quite isolated, our curfew is much later than other properties in Bali. Although amplified music is limited after midnight, we can host until 3 AM. One couple went from reception to pool party complete with dance floor and pool floaties until the wee hours of the morning. Everyone was in the pool by the end of the night.

Who do you think Villa Vedas is suited for?

Couples looking for a beachfront setting for their wedding, especially one in a private area with no neighbours so you can keep the party going until 3 AM. Also, with no immediate neighbours, the area is very private and there won’t be any nosy strangers looking in on the occasion. You will also have uninterrupted views of the divine Balinese sunset.

Villa Vedas, Bali wedding venue.

If you could share one piece of advice for anyone interested in Villa Vedas what would it be?

Book in advance! As of last month, we have 53 confirmed weddings for next year. That’s one for every week of the year, and then some.

Anything else you could share with us?

Villa Vedas is really all about weddings and we try to make it as convenient as possible for couples. The owner has thought of all the minute details that may be forgotten or blindsided during planning. From the use of a generator to ensure uninterrupted power supply during your event to the exceptional outdoor sound system, Platinum Membership access to Finn’s Club and even 5-hours complimentary spa services for post-wedding pampering for the couple (or wedding party, sometimes the couple’s parents need a break too), you can be assured of a truly special wedding that not only spectacular in photos, but actually match up to the couple’s dream wedding. The villa also has its very own Villa Vedas Catering complete with high quality, competitively priced packages and bar service. Sample signature cocktails for your wedding by the in-house mixologists at the bespoke tasting room and bar, mix and match a Western Buffet package with a BBQ or choose a Balinese Buffet and more. If you’re looking for something different, not a worry at all, the villa’s large commercial kitchen is a caterer’s dream and can be rented for an additional fee.

Villa Vedas

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