Cowbell Creek, Gold Coast Wedding Venue

Before I capture a wedding I am always the first to let my couples know that I am here to photograph the moments that may not see; the images that will last a lifetime and be present within their family for generations to come. What I don’t tell my couples are the little quirks I notice that make their love so unique and it is these things I focus on throughout my days; growing and learning of my couples, and within the wedding of Tiann and Jared, it oozing of authentic, real and honest love. The foundations of marriage that are set to last a lifetime. 

This day was full of everything that wedding dreams are made of. Chandeliers hung from the ceiling casting majestic shadows across the rustic styled interiors. Fairy lights twinkled as Tiann and Jared made their way around their loved ones uniting two families of sweet champagne and woodfired pizza. Bridesmaids were drenched in what looked like liquid gold while the groom himself pulled off a baby pink  jacket like he was the one who created it – how does one do that!?

The whole vibe and aesthetic was charming. It was collected yet energetic, natural yet poppin’ – and I guess that’s what us Gold Coast Photographers love the most; the authenticity of each individual day, the tiny characteristics that make each Gold Coast wedding so unique. 
But if I am completely honest, I would have to say my favourite part is the first time alone. For the very first time Tiann and Jared spent their new-found moments of marriage galivanting the surrounding landscapes for an unforgettable time in each other’s arms. These are the captures that I’m talking about; the ones that tell stories with words unspoken, move mountains with their complete feeling on contentment. It is here the beauty is unfolds, somewhere between the unknown and the certainty.