“We think we are hilarious... others dont always think so”
Some things in life are just meant to be; in this weird and wonderful place we call the
‘universe’, the forces that bring two people together are sometimes indescribable and
there, standing in line at the bookshop during their first day of University, holding the same
chemistry book, Sarah and Dale found themselves delving into a whole new dimension.
But that is a little bit of the back story that led to this beautiful day they were set to call
their own. A day they would forever remember as one of the greatest, the moments they
became forever entwined which each other’s love.
Set in the snow dusted hills of Thredbo, Sarah and Dale left nothing unturned as they
commemorated such a magnificent love with glamourous array of luxurious styling and
heartfelt words.
Warm burgundy tones complimented the gentleman in their dapper attire, with a few
sneaky toe warmers hidden among the leather, while the girls splashed their red wine hues
with pops of golden bronze to complement their gracious hearts alike.
While the icy caps seem to deter many from a stunning winter wedding, there was no more
warmth needed than the hearts of those whom attended to help celebrate this love (maybe
add in a few champagnes and wines to help). From riding chair lifts to the top of
picturesque valleys to capture once in a lifetime moments, right through the kindness and
generosity displayed from this humbled nature town, this wedding was truly something out
of a fairy tale – and I am not talking Frozen, I mean they truly created their own unique
magical wonderland.