Tayla & Dylan - Gold Coast Wedding
The Colour of Love

Love is, and always has been a colour.

Whether it be bright and bold or pale and soft, colour itself will forever reflect all the different notions of our life without us even knowing; green, go. Red, stop. Bright, light. Dark, deep. 

 When we step back to see colour for what it is, we see more than what it can simply mean on it’s own and for what it can create when put together. When two colours collide it creates a whole new element, a whole new emotion; a whole new colour. We know that when blue and yellow are mixed together we get green, add a little splash of white and hint black and boom, yet again another new colour with different shades, tones and emotions.

We as people are the colours, the tints and shades our environments and experiences. When we too combine together we create something unique, our love; a colour combination that can never be duplicated.We may have splashes of darkness, and days filled with endless  light, combine that all together and that is us. That is our colour. The colour of our love. 

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