Sarah + Kevin, Gold Coast DIY Wedding

A little bit of rain or a lot of rain, it didn’t matter in the slightest, we were getting amongst all the feels of this special day and capturing all those unforgettable moments that were going to last a lifetime; and the best part, Sarah and Kevin were just as on board and excited to make this day their own as I was – winning! 

After getting to know these two newly-weds before their wedding during an engagement shoot in Mt Tambourine, we all knew the drill; be relaxed, be yourself and let the natural surroundings uncover the simple beauty of your love – and honestly they absolutely nailed it.

Misty mountains and high hovering fog were set in our sights, yet they created the most beautiful contrast from her sweet red lip and bridesmaid gowns to match. It could not have been more fitting; bright florals popped and festoon lights lit the sky on this DIY perfection on the Gold Coast; her white lace radiating with a luminous glow and each rain drop adding the perfect amount of glisten to the sky. They took every element of the ‘do it yourself’ approach and did exactly that, making this day just as special and unique as their love. 

Whatever the weather, it didn’t matter, I am the first to know that a little drizzle on your wedding day has a million perks to it as well! These captures of walking through water, hair twinkling with rain and hands bound together ever so tightly just go to show the carefree, effortless and beautiful love that’s shared between these two hearts; that no matter the weather, the high or lows that life may throw, these hearts would endure endless happiness when filled with each other. 

Videography - Dahlia and Grace

Dress - Mia Solano