Michael Eotvos

Michael Eotvos, Gold Coast Musician


What is it that you do? I am a singer / guitarist. Looping, multi-instrumentalist cover artist (basically that means i use a loop station to create the sound of more then myself using guitar, ukulele, drums/ percussion etc).

How long have you been doing weddings? I have been doing weddings for just over 10 years now.

How long do brides normally book in advance? Most brides would book around a year in advance. But there are a lot who book 2 years and others who try for 6 months sometimes.

Do you also DJ? I most certainly do. I would DJ at 95% of my weddings

How would you describe your style? Very much Ed Sheeran meets john Mayer and Shawn Mendes

If you could share one piece of advice what would it be?

Nothing else is more Important then these three things; Photos, Music and food. Photos are your lifetime memory book of your day. Music creates the atmosphere and vibe of the whole day. Food is food - everyone loves good food.

What was one of the craziest weddings you have had? Recently i played a wedding where they had some epic cocktail hour games like axe throwing.. They partied hard all night, we stayed the night then I continued to play for them the next morning while they all did a massive brunch party bbq.. such an awesome night and next day!!


Who do you think your style is suited for? I’m very mouldable to be honest.. I love the young upbeat party hard weddings, but also love the more laid back relaxed vibe weddings. Being that i cover a lot of genres with my live playing from Frank Sinatra to the Beatles to the Chainsmokers - i love them all!!

Tell us more about you? Im married and have two beautiful little ones now and just love family and friendships. I serve and worship at Our Church in Burleigh during the week and Sunday mornings and I also am based in Burleigh.

I was basically born into music, everyone in my family is musical and its just in the blood. I love my gift and love playing and singing. I feel super lucky to do what i love and that i get to bless others with that joy. The coolest part is I feel like I am exactly where I am meant to be. People ask me all the time; am i going to do anything else with my music (ie. fame) and i always reply that I’ve made it. I love weddings and i love people, the fact that i earn a living from it is just a bonus :)

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