Benny Hannah

Benny Hannah, Gold Coast Musician

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1What is it that you do? What I do is bring people to life through music! The finer details are I provide complete music coverage for your wedding day. I also do duo packages. I sing from ceremony to canapés and then reception. I learn and sing all of the key special songs required through that time and then I DJ at the end of the night to bring the party vibe!

How long have you been doing weddings? 3 years

How long do brides normally book in advance?Between 8 and 15 months in advance. Between 8 and 15 months in advance. The average being 12 months.

Do you also DJ? Hell yea!

How would you describe your style? Hmm. My style is energetic and fun. Some of my favourite artists are: Michael Jackson, Ed Sheehan, Usher, Khalid, Prince. I play every type of music and love singing soft love songs at a ceremony as well.

If you could share one piece of advice what would it be? Ask a million questions! If you are unsure about anything at all in the wedding industry just ask. This is YOUR day and you want to be clear and confident about your decision. If that means asking 20 questions before you book, I say make it 25

Do you have any vendors you love working with, we would love to know? Well first is the one and only Ryan Teague. For Venues the team at Summergrove Estate and Mel at Parkwood Golf Club are amazing! I love Insta Kombi for Photo Booth. Celebrant favourites are Shane Vincent, Robin Wagner and Ben Carlyle. Flowers and events the legendary Mandi at Ivy & Bleu!


What was one of the craziest weddings you have had? One of the craziest weddings was at the Noosa Waterfront Venue. In the “Chill” canapés hour the guest started dancing a little bit so I started singing some upbeat songs. At 5:30pm I had half the wedding dancing like crazy and screaming the lyrics back at me! I love making people dance through singing so i pushed DJi'ng back, skipped my break and kept singing for almost 2 hours. Then when I started DJ'ing they stayed on the dance floor all night. Around 5 hours of consistent dancing and damn…. The guests and i had the time of our lives.

Who do you think your style is suited for? Definitely people who are lovers of fun & dancing. I am an outgoing chatty person who puts all of my energy into my performances! Also if they love Rnb and new school music they are my perfect fit!

Tell us more about you? Here are a few random facts! I am originally from NZ but fell in love with Australia! My last name is actually Wehipeihana but its pretty damn hard to say so I just use Hanna. My first love is my beautiful fiancé Renee. I used to sing so much as a kid that my sisters would tell me to shut up at least 5 times per day . I play the keyboard, drums, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, beatbox and sing. I did Muay Thai Kick Boxing for 4 years and had 12 ring fights (bloody loved it - pun intended ). I am very lighthearted and fun, always joking and trying to have a laugh. I love business, marketing and investing. There we go

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