Jessica + Keagan - Mt Tamborine Wedding

True love is built on character. When we grow we form our own, we become who we are through our nature and nurture, through experiences that teach us how to love, and how to be loved. We are our individual selves with a unique soul that transitions into a time where it is all put on the line ready for change, ready to merge into another and become a brand new character filled with old stories, old experiences to create something wonderfully new. 

Growing together is what makes love so special. It builds you up stronger than ever, takes you places you dare not dream. Then when you reach that place and all of its moments, the rush of the unknown was worth every second. You find peace where your heart resides, knowing that together your new character creates a whole new purpose, a whole new world of wonderful life. 

Be sure to remember what you put into your experiences, into your nature. These tales will tell your story, share you light and forever be the foundation of your love. Make it magical.  

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