So tomorrow is your wedding day. 

In less that 24 hours your will be called husband and wife. I am seriously so excited and wanted to hopefully relieve you of any stress you may have leading up and give you some last minute tips. 

First tip - Don’t get caught up with that mood board, what you have seen etc. My philosophy is simple, unless your printing it and putting it on the wall we need to ask ourselves the question why we are taking the photo. Don’t get me wrong I will still capture plenty of images throughout the day that I know wont be hung on the wall. But understand what is truly important is it the coat hanger or the connection between loved ones.

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Bride Tips

  1. This one is important, from the start of the day, hair and makeup generally arrive super early to get started and they set up, in a dark corner or right next to the kitchen, generally because their is a bench for all the makeup and power, but don’t be fooled this is not the best option. Light is key when it comes to photography so when the makeup artist arrives, ask them to set up close to the brightest window in the house or somewhere with the most natural light. If not dont stress, when I arrive I will make a decision if the lighting is not flattering and will politely ask them to move to a better spot.

  2. If the room is messy and full of clutter, if possible try give it a once over or a great idea if you are getting ready in a hotel is ask the cleaners if they could do a quick clean before we arrive.

  3. If you also have any items you will be wearing on the wedding day, be sure to put them all in one place so we can ensure we dont miss anything, this includes the dresses.

  4. Have plenty of water and allow time to eat food, the worst would be for you to hit the floor during the ceremony so make sure you take some time to chill

  5. If the hair and makeup artist seems like they are running late, dont be the last person to sit in the chair, jump in to allow yourself more time to get ready and photos. Unfortunately if you are running late I will be leaving to the ceremony in order to set up and will miss you stepping into the dress, generally allowing yourself around 1 hour before you leave to be fully dresses will allow for some amazing photos.

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Grooms Tips

  1. If we are covering groom preparation photos, please make sure all the guys are showered, in their pants and ready to start getting ready for when we arrive. A great idea is to put everything in one room so you can make sure you are not forgetting anything, tomorrow is not the day to forget something haha.

  2. Any details you have that you would like photographed, eg rings, cuff links etc, in fact anything you will be wearing please put this all together in one place so we can photograph the details.

  3. Clear the clutter, if you had a big night the night before and made a bit of a mess be sure to give it a quick once over, generally this is the lounge room.

  4. Don't forget to have fun, I am there to capture yourself and know-one else, I am not going to make you feel weird and awkward, if the drinks are flowing keep them going.