Chantelle + Nelvin- Hindu Wedding

It was a perfect mix of passion and culture, a divine love built on values imbedded within
their families background and bound together over four beautiful days of tradition and
Being the photographer of a wedding is a privilege in itself, yet being asked to spend my
days witnessing a traditional Hindu wedding filled with such honesty and diversity was
absolutely incredible.

Each day bought something new, another piece to the beautiful puzzle of Chantelle and
Nelvin’s marriage, and just when I thought the beauty surrounding could not amount to
anything more, I continued to be blown away with each ritual that unfolded, sending my
camera lens into excitement. From pre wedding ceremonies and quiet moments of prayer
right through to cultured dancing, there was not an inch of fascinating celebration
Draped in red and gold, the bride and groom dazzled in treasures of jewels and beads while
her hands were laced in the finest detailed henna complimenting that oh so perfect
newlywed glow. Chantelle and Nelvin captivated their family and friends and transformed
one of Brisbane’s most prestige wedding venues, The Greek Club, into a whole new world
dressing it in lavish colours and hosting what was an absolutely magical beginning of their

Styling - Chandi Events

Hair and Makeup - The verve lounge

Flowers - Archara Flowers