Loren & Ash - Summergrove Estate
Gold Coast Wedding

The textured tones of her floral laced gown popped ever so brightly against the grey-washed sky that lay behind. Clouds of what looked like puffs of cotton hung patiently over Summergrove Estate in the Gold Coast as Ash perched in the mountains waiting for his bride to arrive. 
Hand in hand with loved ones, Loren embarked on a whole new journey of life as she took her first step. With excitement in her heart and love amidst the air, she looked onto her husband to be and made her way down the evergreen aisle before becoming the wife of her love, her best friend.

Our moments together were seamless, intertwined with contagious conversation and minutes of silence as grace set upon the newly-weds and they enjoyed the time in each other’s arms, relishing in the blissful moments of realisation that their life as one had just begun – and what a vision it was. Golden hour had truly set in and as this marriage took the day to a whole new level I was there to capture this Gold Coast wedding unfold.

As a wedding photographer I am so fortunate to see each love story for what it is and hear from others how it all began. My morning starts with day break, ends well past sun down and consists of endless stories from loved ones who have known these lovers on all different levels. While each tale is a little different, the common theme of ‘happy ever after’ seems to fit ever so perfectly for everything Loren and Ash.