Robyn Wagner

Robyn Wagner

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What is it that you do? 
Full time celebrant and loving it

How long have you been doing weddings? 
11 years

 How long do brides normally book in advance?
Usually 12 months, but some 2 months others 15-18 months

 How can couples make their ceremony personal?  
Tell a personal story, how they met, why they love each other, what they do/don’t like about each other  Or include a ritual that means something to them – ie hand fasting, or padlock etc.

 How would you describe your style?  
Fun but meaningful   Each ceremony is personally written to suit each couple’s individual personalities and style

  If you could share one piece of advice what would it be? 
If you mean advice to couples then it would be communicate!!! Never stop talking to each other about everything, even if  a good looking guy smiled at you today, tell your partner, keep open and honest all the time.  No secrets, share all your thoughts, feelings ideas.

 What was one of the craziest weddings you have had?  
Married a couple on top of the DC Marvel comics ride at Warner brothers movie world.   Performed a commitment ceremony on the top of Q1 Sky point climb,  I have performed many surprise weddings at engagement parties, always fun and unusual reactions .

  Who do you think your style is suited for?  
Maybe I’m like Goldilocks, in the middle of the road, not too loud, not too soft – just right lol

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Tell us more about you?  
I volunteer at GC University Hospital as a Chaplain /Spiritual care worker visiting patients in the wards, just to say hi, see if they want a chat or need anything.

I am cancer survivor myself and thank God every day that I am still here, giving 3-5 yrs to live. Jan 2012 had cancer in the lymph glands in my neck.  This was secondary cancer and after many tests primary site never found.  I had a full right neck dissection and 6 weeks of radiation. I made a bucket list and for the past 5 yrs have seen amazing places – Taj Mahal, Great Wall, Pyramids in Egypt, Israel, Greece, Europe etc.  I have cancer to than for making me live life now and not wait until we are old or too late.

I was tested every year for my primary site or new cancer sites and I made it to 5 years cancer free then 18 months ago another cancerous tumour popped up in my left lung.  Not smoking related and I didn’t have any symptoms.  I just had a voice in my head telling me to go and get tested again.  It was the same  type of  cancer (squamous cell carcinoma, SCC, one below a melanoma)  but it wasn’t not related to the original site.  It was anew separate tumour.  I had half my left lung removed and I am now tested every 6 months and again have to make it to 5 yrs cancer free – only 3 yrs to go woo hoo!   I have a cancer website of my neck cancer journey  ( but haven’t found the time to up date it with my long story which is on my to do list!!

  Also 3 years ago Steve my wonderful amazing hubby was given 18 months to live with inoperable lung cancer in both lungs.  Again no symptoms.  He had a melanoma removed and further tests showed his lung cancer. With lots of prayer, radiation and chemo he now is cancer free – yay!! He is still tested every 6 months and has 2 more yrs to go to get to 5 yrs cancer free.  We do everything together, even cancer haha.  He is my rock, my soul mate. We were married 36 years in June .   I have 3 amazing children, in their late 20’s, 2 grand children due, in Sept and Feb. I have 2 grown up step children in Sydney with 3 grand children through them.

I am a proud supporter of My Wedding Wish a  National charity based on the Sunshine coast, where a group of wedding suppliers donate our services to marry terminally brides and grooms.  I have performed a few free weddings for them and although very sad, it’s a very satisfying humbling thing to do.  I have also performed many funerals for brides and grooms who have been terminally ill at the time they book their wedding with me.  I usually perform their funeral when the time is right.

  Life is a truly precious beautiful gift and I embrace it every day.

6 months ago I launched my new business Runaway Bride Elopements,  for elopements, small weddings and pop up weddings

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