Wedding Day Hair and Makeup Tips and Tricks

Wedding Day Hair and Makeup Tips and Tricks

When it comes to hair and makeup for your special day it can often be left until the last minute or totally forgotten about as the excitement of table arrangements and font styles take over in full deco swing. While yes, these things are very important, so is your hair and makeup. I am not saying this to be superficial or that you have to look a certain way, but YOU will be in more of your wedding pictures than your perfectly crafted doughnut sign (even though doughnuts are perfect in every single way). I have teamed up with a great friend and professional hair and makeup artist to give you some top tips when thinking about hair and makeup for your wedding day.

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  1. Like most of your top priority wedding vendors, hair and makeup artists can book out well over a year in advance. If you have been scouting Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram and have your eye on someone in particular, get in touch sooner rather than later!
  2. Pinterest is a wonderful thing; all praise the Pinterest angels! Take pictures and pin a million things you love; it doesn’t have to be the exact style, but your artist will get a better understanding of what your trying to explain – they say a picture tells a thousand words right? It can be hard explaining some of those intricate styles.
  3. There is such thing as an ‘undone-done’ look; people often think they are going crazy when they ask for this, but it is a thing and a VERY popular one at that. Many brides want to look like themselves ‘just a little more glam’ for their special day and this is the perfect way!
  4. The camera will soften a few layers. TRUE! I wouldn’t hold this as an excuse to go the full shebang if makeup isn’t your thing, but keep in mind a little will soften behind the lens – a little extra blush ain’t gonna hurt nobody!
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5. To lash or not to lash – it is always the question! Individual lashes will give you a more natural look and can be placed just on the outside to brighten up those eyes while strip lashes will do the same with a little bit more volume. (P.s always get your artist to check your not allergic to the glue, you don’t want puffy eyes on your wedding day before the crying starts!)

6. Light and dark coloured hair will look different when styled! Intricate hairstyles on dark hair can sometimes get lost when the colour is solid while the blonde is more prominent. When you go on your pinning rampage, make sure your looking at pictures with similar hair tones to yours so you can see what it will actually look like. 

7. Always have a trial!! There are so so so many reason for this; meet the person you are spending your morning with, make sure you feel comfortabl, excited and calm with them. Ensure you don’t react to any of the makeup, try different styles so you can put any second guessing to rest, and most importantly make sure your 100% happy!! 

Hair By - Aleesha Darke
Makeup By - Face it you're beautiful and Porcelain Face Makeup Artistry