Minimalist Wedding

Are these on the to-do list for your minimalist wedding?

It is becoming more and more ‘on trend’ to cut down with the little nitty grittys that can send you crazy when planning your wedding and get stuck in to all the good stuff that this day truly brings; the love, peeps and vibes. 

Brides are cutting down on favours, hessian table runners and over the top cakes and settling in with keepsake polaroids, bareback tables and towers of cheese for all of their guests to enjoy; cutting down on costs, details and keeping it fresh bright and simple with a splash of that Scandinavian vibe.

We all go weak at the knees for a white-walled church or a simple silk gown fitted to perfection with less florals in hand and more hanging from the sky; but how do you cut down on all the things that are so easy to get caught up in? There are lists of people, things, places, vendors lying around but if you’re wanting to venture down the minimalist path you need to cut it all out and go back to basics!


1. White and Light. 

There can never be enough white. Its bright, bold and allows all those tiny pops of colour really stand out and become a feature all on their own. It really soaks up those Santorini dreams making you feel all island like right here in the beautiful Aus. 

2. Declutter.

Your decorations AND guests. What influence have they had on your life and love? It’s time to do a little culling. Do you need the extra candlestick, the long lost friend? Stick to the things and people that stand out! 

3. Structure and lines. 

The key to any Scandi styling is all in the lines. Simple, effective and a whole lot of wow. Try using simple furniture or an arbour that has a whole lot of nothing – seems weird right, but picture this; an all-white warehouse, concrete floors with an ailse lined in greenery and railway sleeper benches full of excited loved ones. You, your husband and an arbour of house-shaped timber surrounded by candles galore – dreamy as ever!

Styled Shoot (42 of 181).jpg

4. Tones and Textures. 

If you’re thinking minimal might be a little too stale, use all those natural textures to ‘warm’ things up. Linen table clothes, silk gowns, barely there naked iced cakes will make all the difference or add a few more candles to bring that romantic vibe back into play.

5. Bridal Glow

That is all you need! Don’t get too caught up in hairstyles, looks and extravagant details things that you will look back on (like we sometimes do our parents wedding pics) and think whyyyy! Elegant, sleek and simple. Glowing skin, lashes, gloss, and bam – you’re on! 

6. Pick the Best of the Best

Just because you read you have to every vendor under the sun doesn’t mean you have to! Pick the things you want to have forever, the things you will remember from your magical wedding day.  Don’t get caught up in the tiny details, or leave it to the professionals – concentrate on enjoying the days leading up to your wedding day. 

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