When do I get to see my wedding pictures?

When do I get to see my wedding pictures?

After your wedding day most vendors are all finished up; they pack down their settings, scrape their plates and turn the music off; but luckily for photographers that is not the case. Long before and after your wedding our creative mind is processing and thinking about your wedding photos; where to take them, how to compose them and how to best portray that honest love through each individual image. 

While your day itself was where your magic unfolded, it is here after that ours continues.

Feather and Finch endeavour to get your wedding images to you as quickly as possible, however, like any craftsman will tell you, you cannot rush art! Within 4-6 weeks you will be reliving that beautiful day all over again and I can’t wait to share it with you – but you may get a sneaky little still or two to keep you going in the meantime! 

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My passion is to give you the highest quality of images in their purest form. Unlike that awesome DJ that can turn down his music with the flick of a switch, I need a little time to individually select the best captures and edit them to ensure all of your unique love is at the forefront of what I deliver.  

Once they have been complete, we will organise an in-studio catch up (if you’re available) where you can see your love on the big screen. Alternatively we will send your package to you so you can look on together and share the memories that will last a lifetime together forever.