Top 10 Wedding Hacks

Top 10 Wedding Hacks

There is a lot to be said for the tiny details that you can get yourself into when you’re organising your wedding. What can seem like the most simple task can become quite controversial and just when you think you have it all planned out there are always a few sneaky things that can pop up to surprise you. Hindsight really is a wonderful thing, and we have the top 10 wedding hacks to make sure your covered from head to toe on your wedding day. 

  1. Avoid the Plague..

Or the seating chart conversation that comes with it! Instead of allocating seats for each individual person just allocate table numbers, each person can then decide who they sit next to on the table.

2. Feet for Thought

Head to the chemist for some numbing cream before walking in those brand new wedding day heels. Apply a little to the points of your feet where your shoes apply pressure to avoid the unnecessary pain – um, yes! 

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3. Save the Cake and Send in the Corn-Dogs

As the night comes to an end fill up your guests with a batch of warm hearty food. Who can resist a little bar-like food after a few beverages! We promise they will thank you in the morning! 

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4. Alas, 27 Dresses

If the budget it getting tighter and your bridesmaids dresses are seeming a little out of reach, try renting them! Bang for your buck, quality acquired and a penny saver to say the least! 

5. Touch-up Stash

Get your bridesmaids to stash your bag of touch-ups at your Bridal table before you arrive! When you get back from your photos you can freshen up right away before the dance floor party begins.

6. Lunch-time, Munch-time

The excitement takes over in the morning and the dance floor takes over in the evening; but you need to remember to eat! Have the caterer pack you a lunch on the go to take to your photos. You can have share your first meal as husband and wife as you dance among the trees. 

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7. Bugs Away!

If you’re an outdoorsy kind of love, spray the legs of your chairs with bug repellent prior to the wedding reception to stop those creepy-crawlys from scurrying up your legs mid speech

8. Let It Linger

Before you spray your perfume apply Vaseline to the areas you’ll spray. The petroleum jelly will ensure the scent will stick a whole lot longer.  

9. Wild Weather 

Have that veil sitting pretty throughout the duration of your day with veil weights – yes they are a real thing and YES they work wonders! What better way to ensure wedding hair perfection! 

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10. Bouquet Toss

The lucky lady who catches your bouquet will be wanting to keep those memories for a lifetime! Save yourself some $$ and get yourself a fake floral bouquet from your local discount store – you don’t really want to toss away that beautiful arrangement of your own do you1?

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There you have it, whether you’re a bridezilla or a chiller, there are a few tricks for you to ensure a smooth wedding day with no hidden agendas!