How to Get the Best Wedding Photos

How to Get the Best Wedding Photos from your Gold Coast Wedding Photographer

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There are a million things that you can do to create the perfect wedding picture; stand just a little to the left, head tilted to the right, eyes wide open and smile - boom! There you have it, the capture you thought you dreamed of you whole life; but does it honestly capture the essence of your love? The traits of your cheeky personalities? We’re just not quite convinced. 

We want to capture the perfect YOU; the real, raw you. So, to show you how easy it can be, we have come up our favourite wedding day tips to help you get those perfect wedding photographs.  

First things first, be yourself. Nothing tells a story more perfectly than the little traits that make your love so unique. He loves you for you, so when you in the decades to come, he will want to reflect on the perfect little traits that make you so special. If you’re soft and gentle and slightly timid, that’s perfect; if you want to jump up and down and sing at the top of your lungs with excitement, that’s perfect too! These tiny characteristics are what made you stand out from the rest to start with, so relish in them! 

Best Wedding Photos, Gold Coast Wedding Photographer, Best Wedding Photos Gold Coast

You’ve just had your last night alone and now you’re a blushing bride. You are dying to be in his arms (and we don’t blame you, you just got married!), don't be afraid to talk and giggle your way through the first few hours of being husband and wife. We are here to capture the raw emotion and the sweet intimate moments – so go ahead, laugh all you like and tell him you love him that one more time!  

When we scoot off for some photographs of just you and your man don’t be afraid to take a little direction. While it won’t be the whole ‘smile and say cheese’ type of vibe, we are totally confident in the destination you have chosen for your wedding day and know exactly where that warm soaking sun falls behind the trees and the when those sweet salty waves are going to crash in perfect time (so when we say run, run!).

You chose this magical place for a reason, so enjoy your surroundings. This place will forever hold some of the most cherished memories of your life, those loved up moments when two became one. Take in the scents, enjoy the view just that extra bit longer and frolic amongst the leaves as much as you like. It is these glorious moments we will capture with such authenticity.

Ok, now we have you sorted, let’s get your hubby-to-be just excited as us! It’s not always easy for men to get behind the camera and their idea of getting photos can be somewhat understated so let’s grab a coffee and chat. We can discuss the finer details and even get an engagement shoot under our sleeves to calm the nerves (if you have any) and get to know how each other work so on your day you have complete and utter trust in what we will deliver. 

All in all, this day is about the two of you - So to truly get the best wedding photos, let us capture exactly that – you just dance the night away and leave the rest to us. 

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